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Fermented Radio playlist for 11/04/2022

Friday 10 to Noon

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 11/03/2022

Pink, Purple and Yellow Song titles

The "In" Crowd playlist for 11/03/2022

Fishing With Bill playlist for 11/03/2022

The fish go crazy when they hear our opening song by Greg Brown and Bill Morrissey. Alternate Thursday mornings from 6-9. Third fishing hole from the sun.

Clam Radio playlist for 11/03/2022

We start off with a small tribute to the great piano rocker we lost this Octobra, Jerry Lee Lewis and from there it's more of the same unpredictable, self indulgent angles Clam Radio is notorious for. Yeah. Well, it could be worse. Could be commercial radio.

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 11/03/2022

Captain Phil's speaks with Shane Atkinson and Beau West about the release of the new Evership (https://www.evership.com/) album The Uncrowned King Act 2, a fantastic rock opera based on the classic allegorical novel, The Uncrowned King by Harold Bell Wright.
Tune in starting at 3 pm for this in-depth discussion on The Uncrowned King, Cookies, Michael Sadler's favorite planet, and the great creative effort that is Evership!
Listen live over the air at 90.1 fm or 107.3 fm or stream anywhere at www.wusb.fm

Progressive/Art Rock band Evership is the conceptualization of composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer Shane Atkinson. Shane played in Nashville bands and as a backup musician for label artists in the late 80's and 90's. As a composer he wrote on Music Row and always having a studio running somewhere in the Nashville area, was a prolific composer with musical work spanning from commercials and film to orchestral and theater. He made two records with the 90's Alternative Rock band Curious Fools, but with the birth of his first child, he decided to leave the music business for the budding software industry.

On-Air Training with Cut Supreme playlist for 11/03/2022

hiphop overdose playlist

Hot Wax playlist for 11/02/2022

Recess playlist for 11/01/2022

Blue Grass Time playlist for 11/02/2022

2 hours of Bluegrass!

Indecisive playlist for 11/01/2022

The Last DJ playlist for 11/01/2022

Mount Rushmore: Guitarists

The Bop Stop playlist for 11/01/2022

today we're tuning into some songs that talk about our feewings!!!

More Cowbell playlist for 10/31/2022


Country Pocket playlist for 10/31/2022

Violet Bell turns into a selkie for us.

Country Pocket playlist for 10/31/2022

Violet Bell turns into a selkie for us.