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About WUSB

Briefly, we're Long Island's largest non-commercial, free-form radio station. Tune in any time and you'll hear sounds ranging from interviews, commentary, jazz, pop, punk, metal, electronic, noise, funk, folk, blues, reggae, polka, world music, live music, spontaneous mixes and groovy combustion.

Our signal can be heard at 90.1 FM on most of Long Island, and in Southern Connecticut, parts of NYC (Brooklyn and Queens), and Westchester County. We are also simulcasting on 107.3 to reach Stony Brook University campus. It can be heard over the Internet, by using the links at the top of any pages on the WUSB website.

We are licensed by the FCC to Stony Brook University as a 3,600 watt non-commercial station located on the campus of Stony Brook University.

Since 1977, we have served the campus and Long Island listening communities with a diverse broadcast mix of music, news, public affairs, drama and sports programming. Our 24/7 schedule is made possible by a volunteer staff efforts of over 160 Stony Brook students, faculty, staff, alumni and community residents. Behind-the-scenes as well as on-air work, combined with a variety of nationally syndicated radio programs integrated into the schedule, creates the 168 hours per week of innovative and high-quality programming.

We are funded by listener donations as well as by Stony Brook University's Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Student Organization, and by local business underwriting grants.

We are an active participant in the community of non-commercial radio broadcasters, with memberships in:

  • the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS)
  • College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI)
  • the National Federation of Community Broadcasters
  • the College Media Association

WUSB is also an affiliate of: