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The Juke Joint playlist for 12/06/2022

New Blues and a Little Holiday Cheer

Janet Planet playlist for 12/06/2022

Sixties at Six

Cafe`Ali playlist for 12/06/2022

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/06/2022

we wend our way through the evening, featuring new music from SUSS... https://suss.bandcamp.com/

Country Pocket playlist for 12/05/2022

Kenny Foster is my guest

Equilibrium playlist for 12/05/2022

calming electronic music & today interview and discussion with Matt Echo of Echo system audio and studio 631 recordings

Trim Mix Party playlist for 12/05/2022

da inna circle episode #114

Gabe's Flight playlist for 12/03/2022


Eleggua/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
Chango/Yoruba Andabo (Live)
Avísale a mi vecina/Clave y Guaguancó
Homenaje/Adonis & Osain del Monte Ft. Rubén Bulnes
Chango ta beni/Machito & Afro-Cubans
Oye mi canto/Machito & Afro-Cubans
El as de la rumba/Machito & Afro-Cubans
Sigue ese camino/Orquesta Failde Ft. Yurisan Hernadez
Aqui estoy/Orquesta Failde Ft. Various
Rumba de esquina a esquina/Orquesta Failde Ft. Yerlanis Junco
Como se goza en el Barrio/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
De una manera espantosa/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
Frutas del Caney/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
Sazonando/Septeto Santiaguero Ft. Mario 'Mayito' Rivera
Sigo pa'lante/Septeto Santiaguero Ft. Inocencio 'Chencho' Heredia & Maykel Dinza
Me voy pa' Sibanicu/Septeto Santiaguero Ft. Inocencio 'Chencho' Heredia & José Alberto 'El Canario'
Que viva Chango/Celina y Reutilio
Yo soy el punto cubano/Celina y Reutilio
Flores para tu altar/Celina Y Reutilio
Defiéndeme Santa Barbara/Celina y Reutilio Jr, (Live)
Yerbero moderno/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Quimbara/Monika Meza & Makina Perfecta
Tu voz/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'

Trim Mix Party playlist for 12/02/2022

TOP 222 OF 2022 PART 1