Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/12/2024

filthy 50 xclusives and murder unit live in the studio cutsupreme bday bash continues

Fermented Radio playlist for 07/12/2024

STEVE K filling music from Joanne Shaw Taylor,Shannon & The Clams & The Mavericks

A Visual Sound playlist for 07/12/2024

Reggaethon 07/05/24 12:00-2:00

Freaky Friday playlist for 07/12/2024

Unclassic Rock playlist for 07/12/2024

Swansea Sound - "Greatest Hits Radio"
Dominic Angelella - "Freaks of the Optical Daytime"
Cheekface - "Gravity"
The Bug Club - "We Can't All Play Saxophones" / "Drown Me Out"
Hooper Crescent - "Late Night TV"
Neutrals - "Stop The Bypass"
The Martial Arts - "Contemptuous Disdain"
Honeyblood - "Glimmer"

Ben Lee - "Heavy Metal"
Kevin Robertson - "The Guilt Trip"
Silver Biplanes - "Back Of My Mind"
La Luz - "Close Your Eyes"
Summer Flake - "What's On The Other Side"
Pixey - "Bring Back The Beat"
Fire Choir - "S.U.M.M.E.R."

Drag Talk - "The Void"
Lame Drivers - "State of Mind"
King Hannah - "Davey Says"
Cola - "Keys Down If You Stay"
Smoltz - "No One Else"

Deadlights - "Always Blue Eyes"
Maybird - "We Were Never Here"
Amery - "Mountain FM"
Human Interest - "Better Press Repeat"
Pond - "Boys Don't Crash"
Ariel Pink - "Bubblegum Dreams"
Pom Poko - "My Blood"
Blandville - "Occupational Hazard"
The Kaisers - "That Kind Of Fun"

Orions Belte & Øyvind Blomstrøm - "Baby I Gotta Go"
The Lemon Twigs - "My Golden Years"

The Flip Side playlist for 07/11/2024

Clam Radio playlist for 07/11/2024

A tribute to the late great Martin Mull. Ringo turns 84 and various AI collaborations abound.

Hiphop Overdose playlist for 07/11/2024

new boom apples stump tha cape. cutsupreme bday bash

The Juke Joint playlist for 07/10/2024

New Blues and Not So New Blues

Blue Grass Time playlist for 07/10/2024

2 hours of bluegrass

The End of Radio playlist for 07/10/2024

Music from an unknown band, in an unknown basement, with unknown members

Wizzy Brew playlist for 07/10/2024