Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/15/2023

da inna circle playlist

Melting World playlist for 05/14/2023

Tribal Ambient from Lisa Gerrard (Australia), Stellamara, Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, (USA), Delerium (Canada), Ole Lukkoye (Russia), Jorge Reyes & Suso Sáiz (Mexico & Spain), Temps Perdu?, Mark Seelig (Germany), Vidna Obmana (Belgium), Rapoon, Stillpoint (UK)
Happy 40th anniversary Sam Rosenthal’s Projekt Records

Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/14/2023

Hosted by Mr. Edison
Truncated edition

China Blue playlist for 05/14/2023

Alex filling in

Threat Level Midnight playlist for 05/13/2023

Just DJ TK this morning -- Some songs in honour of Mother's Day.

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 05/13/2023

50 and 40 on the threes. Going back 50 years, two of the top albums of May 1973, Billion Dollar Babies and Dark Side of the Moon, get full listens, as does the 1983 full album debut from, R.E.M., Murmur. Sticking with 1983, then, we highlight albums by Graham Parker and Talking Heads.
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Unclassic Rock playlist for 05/13/2023

tracks played include:

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Roll On Down The Highway"
Beach Fossils - "Seconds"
The Beths - "When You Know You Know"
Billy Tibbals - "Foreverland"
The Black Watch - "More Lies from the Government"
Brigid Mae Power - "Counting Down"
Bronco Bullfrog - "Together"
Darker My Love - "Maple Day Getaway"
Fenne Lily - "Pick"
Flasher - "Hands On"
IO Echo - "When the Lillies Die"
Jacuzzi Boys - "Out of the Black"
Juniper - "She Steals Candy"
Laurie Biagini - "Stranger in the Mirror"
The Lemon Twigs - "Ghost Run Free"
Librarians With Hickeys - "Me and My Big Mouth"
Liz Cooper & The Stampede - "Motions (Far Out Version)"
Mikaela Davis - "Promise"
Moreish Idols - "Nocturnal Creatures"
Nick Gilder - "Roxy Roller"
The Nightblooms - "Double Speed"
Photon Band - "I Was Free, I Was Fried"
Pynkie - "Spiral"
Shana Cleveland - "Faces in the Firelight"
Sunfruits - "Believe It All"
Terry, Blair & Anouchka - "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme"
Triptides - "Broken Lens"
The Turns - "Taken Over"
Umajets - "When I Wake Up"

Gabe's Flight playlist for 05/13/2023


Elegguá/Merceditas Valdés & Jesús Pérez Isupo Iraguo y Los Tambores Batá
La leyenda del guaguancó/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
Congo Yambumba/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
Lo que no se acaba/El Niño & La Verdad+Adonis & Osaín del Monte
No quiero confusión/German Velazco Ft. Moisés Valle ‘Yumurí’
Esta bueno ya/El Niño & La Verdad+Adonis & Osaín del Monte
Yo soy el Son cubano/Conjunto Casino Ft. Alberto Ruiz
Mi son, mi son, mi son/Enrique Álvarez & Charanga Latina Ft. El Indio & Manolito Simonet
Mamaíta no quiere/Alexander Abreu & Habana D‘Primera
Llego Azucaribe+Mi Son cubano /Arturo & Azucaribe
Por tus ojos negros/Arturo & Azucaribe Ft. Ana Lee Carrete
El mango/Arturo & Azucaribe
Son Matamoros/Septeto Matamoros
Lágrimas negras/Septeto Matamoros
Mari Juana/Septeto Matamoros
Yo como candela/Chapottín y sus Estrellas
El diablo Tun Tun/Miguelito Cuni & Septeto
Convergencia/Miguelito Cuni & Septeto
El carbonero/Chapottín y sus Estrellas
Moment's Notice/Rachel Therrien
Ping Pong/Conrad Herwig Ft, Luis Perdomo
Footprints/Conrad Herwig Ft. Eddie Palmieri
El manisero/David Calzado & Charanga Habanera

Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/12/2023


Fermented Radio playlist for 05/12/2023

Birthday huzzahs to Burt Bacharach, a send off to Rita Lee and stuff. Charlie J at the wheel.

A Visual Sound playlist for 05/11/2023

All vinyl, mostly 45s-eclectic mix of new finds

Steve K's Radio Kaos playlist for 05/11/2023

Jazzy & Jammy for a delightful Thursday morning...The SOUL SET at 10 and new music from Gov't Mule & Ian Hunter