Rock & Roll Rebel Radio playlist for 09/15/2021

RETRO FUTURE SOUNDS - Salacious Synths, Provocative Punk, Power, Delectable disco

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/14/2021

Returning to the very studio where they recorded their seminal album, Odessey and Oracle in 1967, they will perform their timeless hits "Time of the Season," "She's Not There" and "Tell Her No" along with beloved deep cuts and the debut of songs from their forthcoming new album. This “World Tour in One Night” live streaming event is the ONLY live performance The Zombies will be doing in 2021.

The Spin Doctors are the last men standing, still making music like their lives depend on it. Thirty years. It’s an eternity in rock ‘n’ roll, and a marathon for the bands who fly its tattered flag. Revisit the class of 1988, and the casualties are piled high: a thousand bands that blew up and burnt out. In this chew-and-spit industry, the Spin Doctors are still riding the bus and still shaking the room. They’ve never been a band for backslaps and self-congratulation. Even now, they aren’t ready to give up the road, adding to their tally of almost two thousand shows.

The Juke Joint playlist for 09/14/2021

Premier Show

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 09/14/2021

My Last Bustin Out Blue Show

Finn's Revolution playlist for 09/14/2021

Artist Damon Tommolino talks about his new show in Huntington and his new music project 10% Reptile..

The Spin Zone playlist for 09/14/2021

Music And A Live In Studio With Ray Lambiase And Lanny Sichel

More Cowbell playlist for 09/13/2021

Blues /Rock/ R&B

Equilibrium playlist for 09/13/2021

bass music! ranging from sound healing tones, glitch hop, heavy bass, & drum & bass.. and possibly more! a track with a sample of Ram Dass speaking & lots of love and healing to get ya balanced biweekly mondays 3-5pm w. dj goomz

Jazz On The Air playlist for 09/12/2021

Hosted by Mr. Edison

The Invisible Show playlist for 09/12/2021

【did you know him?】

- The Invisible Man

Waxx Traxx to the Maxx playlist for 09/12/2021


Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/12/2021

da inna circle playlist

Gabe's Flight playlist for 09/11/2021


1. Elegguá/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
2. Congo Yambumba/Muñequitos de Matanzas & Alejandro Falcon Ft. María Victoria & Rafael Navarro ‘El Niño
3. Palo quimbombó/Muñequitos de Matanzas & Alejandro Falcon Ft. Rafael Navarro ‘El Niño’
4. Vale todo/César ‘Pupy’ Pedroso & Los Que Son Son Ft. Jesús Alfonso Miró
5. Sin darte cuenta Ft. Yulaysi Miranda/Titanes de la Timba
6. Yo la agarro Ft. Emilio Frías ‘El Niño’/Titanes de la Timba
7. Todo Es Mentira Ft. Yensa Mercedes/Titanes de la Timba
8. No Logras Olvidarme Ft. Rubén Rodríguez/Titanes de la Timba
9. Calentando/Leo García & Timbalive Ft. Aylin Dallera
10. Llegó el Son/Kiki Valera Ft. Coco Freeman
11. La cocainómana/Septeto Ecos del Tivolí
12. Mi rico son montuno/Yuvisney Aguilar Ft. Iván ‘Melón’ Lewis
13. Fin de semana es la cita/Maykel Blanco & Salsa Mayor Ft. Casanova
14. El son de la madrugada/Manolito Simonet & Trabuco Ft. Ricardo Amaray
15. La novia de un amigo mío/Enrique Álvarez & Charanga Latina Ft. Norisley Valladares ‘El Noro’
16. Motivo de son/Ray Cuza & Septeto Sazonando