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The Juke Joint playlist for 01/03/2023

2022 New Blues Recap

Janet Chow in the Morning playlist for 01/03/2023

fill by dj nex

Cafe`Ali playlist for 01/03/2023

Finn's Revolution playlist for 01/03/2023

just floating into '23... plus bday nods to Van Dyke Parks, Stephen Stills, and John Paul Jones....

Country Pocket playlist for 01/02/2023

Best of 2022 show Pt 1

Hygge with Joi playlist for 01/02/2023

Special guest: Danny Miranda. Bassist with Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Penny, and Faith and Fire.

Long Island Liberty, With BAM playlist for 01/02/2023

fill in by Gisele!

Equilibrium playlist for 01/02/2023

calming bass music with djgoomz 3-5pm alternating mondays

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/01/2023

da inna circle playlist

Bob Longman Show playlist for 01/01/2023

partial sports preemption

Jazz On The Air playlist for 01/01/2023

Partial sports preemption
fill: Bob Longman 4-6pm

Gabe's Flight playlist for 12/31/2022


Eleggua/Lazaro Roz & Conjuntó Folclórico Nacional
Cantar Maravilloso/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas Ft. Rafael 'El Niño' Navarro
Vale todo/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas Ft. Rafael "El Niño' Navarro
El livianó/Joaquin Betancourt Ft. Emilio Frias 'El Nino' & Osain del Monte
El son de Adalberto/Joaquin Betancourt/ Ft. Alain Pérez
Yo bailo de todo/Joaquin Betancourt Ft. Mandy Cantero
Nadie se salva de la rumba/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Burundanga/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Tres gotas de agua/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Sera porque soy candela/Maykel Dinza & Soneros de la juventud
Marañón/Maykel Dinza & Soneros de la juventud
Contrólate/Maykel Dinza & Soneros de la juventud
Elije tu que canto yo/Monika Meza & Makina Perfecta
Boleros del ayer/Monika Meza & Makina Perfecta
Quimbara/Monika Meza & Makina Perfecta
Como se goza en el Barrio/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
De una manera espantosa/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
Frutas del Caney/Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
Los Amalianos/Conjunto Chapottin
El carbonero/Conjunto Chapottin
Hay fuego en el 23/Conjunto Chapottin
El ano viejo/Tony Caamargo & Orq. Rafael De Paz

Unclassic Rock playlist for 12/30/2022

tracks played include:

Afflecks Palace - "Dancing Is Not A Crime"
Alien Nosejob - "Coastal Living 2"
Automatic - "Automaton"
The Autumns - "Sunblush"
Bubble Tea and Cigarettes - "Happiness"
The Bye Bye Blackbirds - "Something from the Old World"
Cloakroom - "Lost Meaning"
Delivery - "Picture This"
Elder - "The Purpose"
Flower - "Wayward"
Glam Skanks - "G.L.A.M."
Gold Celeste - "Time of Your Life"
The Holydrug Couple - "Paper Cup"
J. Robbins - "Skeleton Coast"
Jerry Cantrell - "Brighten" (Live concert version)
The Knocks & Muna - "Bodies" (Tycho Remix)
Obey Robots & Ned's Atomic Dustbin - "Let It Snow"
Ooga Boogas - "Circle of Trust"
Paul Anka - "Times Of Your Life"
Phantom Youth - "AIIWO"
Renaissance - "Golden Key "
Silverhead - "Hello New York"
The Smithereens - "Auld Lang Syne"
Stöner - "City Kids"
Suzi Quatro - "Roxy Roller (Live concert version)"
Third Grade Teacher - "Here's to Rock and Roll"
Why Bother - "Submersive"

Trim Mix Party playlist for 12/30/2022


On-Air Training with Cut Supreme playlist for 12/29/2022

Guest wish master plus top 15 and stump da cape