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The Golden Ratio playlist for 01/29/2024

Good vibes only!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/29/2024


Melting World playlist for 01/28/2024

Spacerock, psych, ambient this morning.
New music from Ozric Tentacles, Astralasia, Artifacts & Uranium (UK)
New releases of older music from Oresund Space Collective (Denmark), Interkosmos (Germany)
Live music from Steve Hillage Band.
Ambient From Harold Budd, Jeff Pearce (USA).

Jazz On The Air playlist for 01/28/2024

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Ménage à trois playlist for 01/27/2024

A special episode of Ménage à trois featuring an exclusive 90-minute interview with post-hardcore legends Sweep the Leg Johnny.

Gabe's Flight playlist for 01/27/2024


Elegguá/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
Oye aron/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas Ft. Rafael Navarro
Dulce habanera/Septeto Nacional Ft. Sixto Llorente ‘El Indio’
La vida es una semana/Septeto Nacional Ft. William Borrego
Consuélate como yo/Septeto Nacional Ft. Mandy Cantero
Cu PR Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
Esto es pa’ que lp goce, pa’ que lo baile/Charanga Forever Ft.
Worlds I Love/Ray Barreto & New World Spirit
Welcome Back from Varadero/Miguel De Armas & The Ottawa Latin Jazz
Con Alma/Rachel Therrien Latin Jazz Project
No Problem/Nueva Manteca
PREEMPTED 02hr 45min

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/26/2024

filthy 50 plus special guests and more

Freaky Friday playlist for 01/26/2024

Alex filling in for Jaida :D

Unclassic Rock playlist for 01/26/2024

To listen to this show click on the audio play button appearing at the bottom of the tracklist;
if the audio play button does not appear, click on the 'Read more' link below to see the audio play button.

tracks played include:

Animal Ghosts & Japanese Heart Software - "Everything"
April Wine - "Say Hello"
The Asteroid No.4 - "Dandelion"
The Black Crowes - "Wanting and Waiting"
Black Market Karma - "Who What Where and Why?" (2023 Remaster)
The Blips - "Slow Lane"
Blue Ocean - "Ode"
Elephant Stone - "History Repeating"
Eyelids - "Swinging In The Circus"
Green Day - "Corvette Summer"
Holiday Ghosts - "Sublime Disconnect"
Japanese Heart Software & Animal Ghosts - "All that you want"
Josaleigh Pollett & Crowd Shy - "YKWIM"
Kaiser Chiefs - "Golden Oldies"
Levitation Room - "Revelations"
Lime Spiders - "Volatile" (12" Violation Mix)
Melanie - "Beautiful People"
Pale Blue Eyes - "Our History" (Radio X Session)
Piroshka - "Scratching at the Lid"
Results of Adults - "Internal Void"
Seventh Cloud - "Blair"
Shadow Show - "Aunt Maizy"
Sheer Mag - "Playing Favorites"
Swervedriver - "Up From The Sea"
Thomas Walsh - "All This Hurt"
The Umbrellas - "Gone"

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 01/25/2024

The year 1980 Part 2

The Flip Side playlist for 01/25/2024

Bill K filling in