Gabe's Flight playlist for 09/11/2021


1. Elegguá/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
2. Congo Yambumba/Muñequitos de Matanzas & Alejandro Falcon Ft. María Victoria & Rafael Navarro ‘El Niño
3. Palo quimbombó/Muñequitos de Matanzas & Alejandro Falcon Ft. Rafael Navarro ‘El Niño’
4. Vale todo/César ‘Pupy’ Pedroso & Los Que Son Son Ft. Jesús Alfonso Miró
5. Sin darte cuenta Ft. Yulaysi Miranda/Titanes de la Timba
6. Yo la agarro Ft. Emilio Frías ‘El Niño’/Titanes de la Timba
7. Todo Es Mentira Ft. Yensa Mercedes/Titanes de la Timba
8. No Logras Olvidarme Ft. Rubén Rodríguez/Titanes de la Timba
9. Calentando/Leo García & Timbalive Ft. Aylin Dallera
10. Llegó el Son/Kiki Valera Ft. Coco Freeman
11. La cocainómana/Septeto Ecos del Tivolí
12. Mi rico son montuno/Yuvisney Aguilar Ft. Iván ‘Melón’ Lewis
13. Fin de semana es la cita/Maykel Blanco & Salsa Mayor Ft. Casanova
14. El son de la madrugada/Manolito Simonet & Trabuco Ft. Ricardo Amaray
15. La novia de un amigo mío/Enrique Álvarez & Charanga Latina Ft. Norisley Valladares ‘El Noro’
16. Motivo de son/Ray Cuza & Septeto Sazonando

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/10/2021

interview with indigo phoenyx

Fermented Radio playlist for 09/10/2021

11th Anniversary Program -- Celebrating 11 years of Fermented Radio on WUSB at 10am each Friday

Thanks Y'all !!!

Friday Nite Free-Form playlist for 09/10/2021

Captain Phil in the center seat for Arnie!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 09/10/2021

What in your life has formed and guided your beliefs and ethics? What is it that has determined just how far you choose to extend your circle of compassion? Is it your religious beliefs, the prevalent social norms of your upbringing, what you learned from your family? And as a result, who have you determined is deserving of your moral consideration? All humans? Dogs and cats? Chimpanzees? Dolphins? Goldfish? Cows? And why have you drawn the lines where you have?

Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for a discussion with Jamie Woodhouse on the topic of Sentientism–a philosophy or worldview that takes the chance out of answering the question of what’s real and what matters morally–what we should care about.

Sentientism is committed to reason, evidence, and compassion and grants moral consideration to ALL sentient beings. Jamie is working to develop Sentientism as a philosophy and as a global movement.

Rockin' Iration playlist for 09/10/2021

RastafarI culture and reggae music with DJ Kibret Neguse. The "Reggae Classic" is from Gregory Isaacs with "Oh What A Feeling".

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 09/09/2021

1965 Part 1

The "In" Crowd playlist for 09/09/2021

Show #101 Birthday nods to Elvin Jones, Otis Redding, Danny Kalb and Dave Stewart. New music from Amyl & The Sniffers (new release "Comfort To Me" drops tomorrow), Prince, William Shatner and Bob Schneider. Plus, our ever popular "Tearing Off The Covers" at 5am.

Clam Radio playlist for 09/09/2021

Honoring The 50th anniversary of John Lennon's album Imagine.

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 09/09/2021

Double Sci Fi Convention Special!!!!!

Welcome Warren F. Friedrich and Robert Wood as we discuss the upcoming Virtual Space: 1999 convention happening September 12th, 2021!

The at 4pm our friends Roy Bjellquist, Michael Rizzo, Ross Amico, and MaryBeth Rikouski celebrate the 55 anniversary of Star Trek with great news on the upcoming Star Trek convention in Ticonderoga NY

The Bayou playlist for 09/09/2021

The Post Hurricane Ida drowning of NOLA, Pre 9/11 20th Remembrance, Let's Roll-The Only Way I Know, on The Rising Edition

Blue Grass Time playlist for 09/08/2021

2 hours of bluegrass, the 2nd half of the program will be the start to a 2 week tribute to Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass. This week will be other artists playing and singing Bill's music and next week all Bill Monroe.

Waxx Traxx to the Maxx playlist for 09/08/2021


Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/07/2021

Ned Puchner

The Outdoor Art Show & Music Festival is a two-day event hosted every September. With over 90 exhibitors, this outdoor festival provides a diverse selection of affordable, exciting, original paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, pottery, woodwork, glassware, artisan created jewelry, handmade crafts, decorations, clothing, and so much more! The event will be free and open to the public.