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Gabe's Flight playlist for 03/23/2024


Elegguá/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
Dónde andabas tú, acerekó/Rumberos de Cuba
Rumba pa’ los rumberos/Los Muñequitos de Matanzas Ft. Ronald González
Alabanza/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera Ft. Rubén Bulnes & Adonis
Havana Power Band/Amar a dos Ft. Michel Calvo
Yo bailo de todo/Joaquín Betancourt & Joven Jazz Band Ft. Mandy Cantero
Xiomara Mayoral/Lachy & Suprema Ley
La Clave/Orquesta Anacaona
Rumba/Yoyo Ibarra Ft. Mayito Rivera
La Cubanísima llegó/Barbara Ruiz ‘La Cubanísima’
No quiero confusión/Germán Velazco Ft. Moisés Valle ‘Yumurí’
La mezcla perfecta/Barbara y Vaivén Cubano Ft. Mayito Rivera
Busco una salida/Yoyo Ibarra Ft. María Victoria & Pancho Amat
La Cumbancha/Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro Ft. Yulaysi Miranda
El Amor de mi Vida/Yarima Blanco Ft. Kelvis Ochoa
Dulce Habanera/Grupo Sierra Maestra
Corazón de Chivo/Grupo Sierra Maestra
Anabacoa/Grupo Sierra
Como se goza en el Barrio/Conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez
De una manera espantosa/Conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez
Frutas del Caney/Conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez
Los Amalianos/Conjunto Chapottin
El carbonero/Conjunto Chapottin

Trim Mix Party playlist for 03/22/2024

filthy 50 plus more

Fermented Radio playlist for 03/22/2024

Charlie J filling in

Freaky Friday playlist for 03/22/2024

Unclassic Rock playlist for 03/22/2024

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tracks played include:

A. Savage - "David's Dead"
Beau Lucas - "Just Fly"
Bill Baird - "World Series of Solitaire"
The Black Crowes - "Follow the Moon"
Claud - "A Good Thing"
Coach Party - "Born Leader"
CRi & Jesse Mac Cormack - "Losing My Mind"
Crumb - "Part III"
Daiistar - "Clear" / "Star Starter"
Deeper - "Build a Bridge"
Doucette - "Mama Let Him Play"
The Galileo 7 - "Seen Somehow"
The Hanging Stars - "Golden Shore"
Helicon - "Zen Roller"
Josephine Network - "Static Walls"
Kailey Rocker - "Flowers"
Kamggarn & Mcbaise - "Ceasefire"
Kamggarn & Swedish Death Candy - "Drool"
Mary Timony - "No Thirds"
Meatbodies - "The Assignment"
Meg Smith - "...but i'd miss you too much!"
Mo Troper - "Citgo Sign"
Mothboxer - "No Warning, No Sign"
New Age Healers - "The Spin Out"
Oeil - "Iridescence"
Raspberries - "Party's Over"
Scot Sax - "Sometimes I Feel Like"
She's Green - "bleed"
Spiral Drive - "Space Train"
Thelightshines - "All at Sea"

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 03/20/2024

Whistling Songs

The Flip Side playlist for 03/20/2024

Clam Radio playlist for 03/20/2024

A little homage to Eric Carmen plus a few new songs from listeners out there, a little fusion and more songs of quality.

Hot Wax playlist for 03/19/2024

Recess playlist for 03/19/2024

Blue Grass Time playlist for 03/19/2024

2 hours of Bluegrass Music

The Juke Joint playlist for 03/19/2024

Suburban Hymns edition

The End of Radio playlist for 03/19/2024

If you're the fifth caller ... or any caller at all

Hiphop Overdose playlist for 03/20/2024

new boom bap plus stump tha cape

Wizzy Brew playlist for 03/20/2024