Clam Radio

A little of this, a little of that...
  • Thursday 10am-12pm

What was once "The Existential Shower Cap Eraser Show" and then "The Non-Objective Reality Show" has since morphed into "Clam Radio" hosted by songwriters John Tabacco and Susan DeVita (when she's in town). It is here where we play music / organized chaos that is both old and right out of the oven with no particular bias other than how we feel at the moment. Yes, there is some humorous and thought provoking talk when Susan is around and of course there is plenty of Tabacco related music because he just refuses to stop recording and he likes to see how his mixes sound over the airwaves. On occasion there are interviews with noted local and national musicians, writers, artists, culinary experts etc... We welcome any artist to contact Clam Radio on facebook if they think talking to us on the air will help promote their cause.

Yes indeed, spinning tunes since 1961 - getting absolutely nothing done - CLAM RADIO! (can ya dig it?)