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Dr. Stephen Loyd on Play It Forward

From the team at Play It Forward:

Tune in Friday, 6/14, at 1 PM to WUSB.FM, 90.1 & 107.3 FM to a special episode of Play It Forward. We had the honor to interview Dr. Stephen Loyd, the doctor who inspired Michael Keaton’s ‘Dopesick’ character.

Dr. Loyd is the Chief Medical Officer at Cedar Recovery in Nashville, TN. Recognized as an Advocate for Action by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Dr. Loyd’s dedication to educating others on addiction and treatment is evident through over five hundred lectures on opioid use disorder and proper prescribing of controlled substances.
Dr. Loyd has been in recovery from opioid and benzodiazepine addiction since July 8, 2004. Dr. Loyd shares his personal story and connects his successful recovery to the social determinants of health. The experience galvanized him to move into addiction treatment and policy work. Dr. Loyd is now the medical director of a large addiction treatment facility in Nashville and works at an inner-city rehabilitation facility serving indigent women.
Since his recovery, Dr. Loyd has dedicated his energy toward not only addiction treatment but also influencing public health policies.

We discuss important information and resources regarding the fentanyl/opioid crisis, recovery and prevention! Thank you for listening!

Ménage à Trois avec Couch Slut

Join Ménage à Trois June 15th for a discussion with New York's own Couch Slut, where they'll talk about Steely Dan, guys wearing Death in June shirts at concerts, and a presumably AI generated legal threat. They will also discuss their newest album *You Could Do It Tonight*, briefly. Catch the interview live at midnight 6/15, or whenever when they decide to upload it to Spotify.

Acappella Special with Bob Longman

Join us as Bob Longman features music from the realm of Acappella (and nearly so) music on Sunday June 16 2024, 1-3 pm.

Hear from the likes of Take 6, mpact, Rockapella, Eric Whitacre, Pentatonix, Realtime, the 5 Satins, the Persuasions, VOCES8, Chanticleer, the cast of Once, Boyz II Men, and college groups from all over, including Stony Brook University. Blending voices for covers, originals, oldies, and new music. Having a blast, making stuff that lasts. And if you know the songs, please sing along!

Health Matters at WUSB - June Schedule

June 2:

6pm, Pat Bishop, Peter Gillespie- American Cancer Society;

6:30 - Jane York, SBU Veteran Affairs

Patricia Bishop-Kelly; Peter Gillespie


June 16:

6pm, Jim Kelly, Vanderbilt Museum

6:30 - Jayden Reilly Fire Fighters/SBU, Terryville Fire Department - NY; Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps,

June 30:

6pm, LISVA - Director, Fred Sganga, Jeanmarie Brand, Day Care LISVH Stony Brook

6:30, Student Affairs with Dr. Marisa Bisiani & Dr. Rick Gatteau. SBU Student Affairs