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Clam Radio Playlists

Clam Radio playlist for 04/10/2010

Zappathon 2010 : Frank Zappa music and fractions there of.

Clam Radio playlist for 04/07/2010

Marci Geller from Lucky 13 is my guest.

Clam Radio playlist for 03/24/2010

Nigey Lennon is my guest. We also acknowledge birthday girl Aretha Franklin and birthday boy Elton John. Lots of radiothon talk in between.

Clam Radio playlist for 03/11/2010

We celebrate Nina Hagen's 55th birthday and Bobby McFerrin turns 60. Around 45 minutes in we have Susan DeVita interviewing Mostly Moptop's Anthony Pomes talkng about the 40th anniversary celebration of the Beatle's release of "Let It Be".

Clam Radio playlist for 02/25/2010

We start off with a little birthday celebration in honor of Mr. Walter Becker who turned 60 this Feb.20th. Then an interview with Dr. Dave - founder of the Steely Dan tribute band "Stealin' Dan" comes in to talk about clamming, dentistry and guitaring. We end the program with a few George Harrison tunes on what would have been the ex- Beatle's 67th birthday r.i.p.

Clam Radio playlist for 01/28/2010

Hour one is an interview with a master big band arranger by the name of Ed Palermo. Hour two is an hour long instrumental excursion of the Gateways CD that I did with Jim Dexter and Nick DiMauro 15 years ago!

Clam Radio playlist for 01/14/2010

The January boys - Fagen and Beefheart music and a bunch of other stuff for no rhyme or reason.

Clam Radio playlist for 12/31/2009

Susan DeVita joins me for an end of the year bash with a great interview with Elliot Tiber, author of "Taking Woodstock" and talk about 1969.

Clam Radio playlist for 12/17/2009

First hour of the program features holiday style songs and the second half is a splendid interview Susan DeVita and I have with Paul Simon's bass player Bahkiti Kumalo.

Clam Radio playlist for 12/03/2009

Various music.

Clam Radio playlist for 11/19/2009

Various songs and instrumentals as per usual.

Clam Radio playlist for 11/05/2009

Various songs, cartoon snippets and instrumentals. A shout out to Peter Noone, Art Garfunkel (b-days), Guy Fawks Night,and the Yankees winning their 27th World Series.

Clam Radio playlist for 10/22/2009

Some new music, some old music and a lot of me trying to convince our radio listeners to give the station some money. Our program director Angelo joins me towards the end of the second hour to help with the radiothon spiel.

Clam Radio playlist for 10/08/2009

A little of this and that and then a great interview with The Firesign Theatre's Phip Proctor.

Clam Radio playlist for 08/27/2009

Lots of Jim Dexter related music while waiting for Jim to show up. The last 1/2 hour of hour 2 I interview Jim and talk about all things.

Clam Radio playlist for 08/13/2009

Various songs and instrumentals with limited talking in between sets.

Clam Radio playlist for 07/30/2009

Susan DeVita joins me in this blatant celebration of self indulgence and the world of folk. Not to mention birthday salutes to the Govenator, Kate Bush and David Sanborn.

Clam Radio playlist for 07/16/2009

Interview with producer,musician,songwriter,and guitarist Teddy Kumpel.

Clam Radio playlist for 07/02/2009

In honor of Larry David's 62nd birthday we just wing it. Unfortunately, we were off the air for most of hour one. In hour two we reflect a bit on Michael Jackson's passing.

Clam Radio playlist for 06/18/2009

Our annual Paul McCartney special (falling on his actual 67th birthday) operates discreetly in the confines of our blues marathon. Yeah, Sir Paul has done some bluesy things - so we throw in a bunch along with the other Macca melodic classics and unreleased tidbits. A good time is had no less with lots of requests, a nod to Mr. Edison's 51st birthday but sadly no Susan DeVita to speak of (poor girl - couldn't make it).