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Blue Grass Time playlist for 03/21/2018

fill in!!!! by daysi....

Bob Longman Show playlist for 03/21/2018

weather-fill for

Progressive Solutions playlist for 03/20/2018

OUR PROGRAM TODAY will examine many forms of discrimination, from racism to ageism.

Joining us will be Mitch Margo. Mitch is a journalist, author and trial lawyer. His new book, Black Hearts White Minds is a story about the civil rights era in the deep south.

Also joining us will be our esteemed sidekick Steve Wiehe.

Jim Dexter playlist for 03/20/2018

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Smooth Jazz Radio playlist for 03/20/2018

The best in contemporary Jazz - Today's show features an interview with Soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom.

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 03/20/2018

Spring has Sprung

Robot Radio playlist for 03/20/2018

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/20/2018

Bob Bert! Steve Barton!

Purple Starlight playlist for 03/19/2018

Currently on air alternating Monday mornings Midnight - 3am

Workhorse Radio playlist for 03/19/2018

womens history month celebrated

More Cowbell playlist for 03/19/2018


Country Pocket playlist for 03/19/2018

I play some new singles from some amazing people who all happen to be releasing new singles at the same time. Look below. It's quite a list.

The second hour sees me revisiting a mid-2015 playlist that still holds up really well for me. Seriously, congrats to me for working former American Idol Runner-Up Bo Bice into a playlist next to Mavis Staples and having it work kinda okay.

Also, some guy kept pushing and pushing on the phone until I agreed to play "Green Grass & High Tides." Immediately. Not between my two playlists. Now. Grrrr.

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 03/19/2018

Rob filling in for John 0 - starting with some easy listening and venturing into the experimental realm..

The Invisible Show playlist for 03/18/2018

Welcome back once again to a long but good night, courtesy of the Invisible Show! If you like music, this is just the show for you. Cause we have a lot of it. And it's good. Trust me. Or don't. Ahhhhhhhh

- Your Invisible Buddy

Serendipity playlist for 03/18/2018

featuring lots of layo & bushwaka from London
and HIROSHIMA today shoutout to @wavvyboi for finding
thanks for tuning in!!