The Sounds of Film with Tom Needham

Film & TV Interviews and Music
  • Thursday 6-8pm

Hosted by Tom Needham, the Sounds of Film is the nation's longest-running film themed radio show. For 30 years, the program has delivered a popular mix of interviews and film music.

The wide variety of guests on the show include Alexander Payne, Alec Baldwin, Laurie Anderson, Bob Geldof, Billy Joel, Morris Day, Pam Grier, DAPennebaker, Rob Reiner, Julie Andrews, Jordan Peele, Ernest Dickerson, Dionne Warwick, Marilyn McCoo, Public Enemy's Chuck D., Michael Moore, composer Carter Burwell, Governor Jesse Ventura, Abby Martin, Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph, Susan Lacy, the Fugees's Praz, composer Howard Shore, the Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel, William H. Macy, Darryl DMC McDaniels, director Mike Leigh, Cicely Tyson, director Barbara Kopple, Jim Breuer, Wallace Shawn, composer Cliff Martinez, Nile Rodgers, Jim Messina, Big Daddy Kane, Chazz Palminteri, Fronzen's composer Christophe Beck, director Hal Hartley, Peter Fonda, Dr. Cornel West, director Alexandra Pelosi, writer/activist Chris Hedges, Kurtis Blow, Gasland's Josh Fox, Eric B., Congressman Mrazek, Bill and Ted's Alex Winter, Luna's Dean Wareham, Playwright Kenneth Lonergan, hip hop legend Whodini, Writer/Editor Robert Scheer, composer Rolfe Kent, Congressman Steve Israel, actor Tab Hunter, Michael Riesner, Kim and Kathryn Klugee, Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey, Searching for Sugarman's Rodriguez, Emmy Winning director Jim Brown, director Rory Kennedy, House of Card's Jeff Beal, Yes' Trevor Rabin, Donny Most, Spongebob's Tom Kenny, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President/CEO Steve Peresman, music supervisor Randall Poster, Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French, Ayn Rand Institute's Yaron Brook, Connie Stevens, director Curtis Simon, composer Stephen Endelman, Igudesman and Joo, Broadway's Hinton Battle, Michael Penn, Academy Award winning director Malik Bendjelloul, Mayor David Dinkins, Oliver Stone writer Peter Kuznick, composer Mark Isham, Tim's Vemeer's Tim Denison, Krishna Das, Boardwalk Empire's Vince Giordano, Grandmaster Caz, Economist Richard Wolff, Dwight Twilley, WAR, Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French, actor Clark Duke, Oscar nominated Zachary Heinzerling, director Amy Schatz, the Corporation's writer/director Joel Balkan, Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley, Wild Style's Charlie Ahearn, Wendy and Lisa, Everybody Loves Raymond's Phil Rosenthal, Lisa Lampanelli, director Michael Cuesta, Fishbone, Kenny Vance, X-Men composer/editor John Ottman, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente, Will Forte, the Magic Garden's Paula and Carole, director Marc Levin and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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Recent soundtracks featured on the Sounds of Film:

Squid and the Whale
Krush Groove
Purple Rain
The Mission
Naked Lunch
Star Wars
Pulp Fiction
Edward Scissor Hands
The Lion King
Kill Bill
Moonrise Kingdom
Reservoir Dogs
Drugstore Cowboy
Mistress America
Monster Inc.
Midnight Cowboy
The Graduate
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Godfather
Mary Poppins
Raging Bull
Wild Style
One Trick Pony
Jurassic Park
Taxi Driver
Saturday Night Fever
Dazed and Confuded
Being John Malkovich
Do the Right Thing
A Clockwork Orange
Boogie Nights
The Last Waltz
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The Battle of Algiers
Something Wold
Stop Making Sense
Under the Cherry Moon
The Sting
Blue Valentine
Mission Impossible
Easy Rider
Ed Wood
Dead Man Walking
Winnie the Pooh
It's A Wonderful Life
Apocalypse Now
Blade Runner
Forrest Gump
Sweet and Lowdown
Requiem for a Dream
Car Wash
Dead Presidents
Zabriskie Point
Super Size Me
Before Midnight
Waking Life
The Big Lebowski
Barton Fink
The Royal Tenenbaums
Wild at Heart
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Not Fade Away
Nacho Libre
A Very Brady Sequel
A Bronx Tale
The Perks of Being A Wallflower
The Wizard of Oz
Lady and the Tramp
Into the Woods
Watermelon Man
American Graffiti
Magical Mystery Tour
Jungle Fever
Graffiti Bridge
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Dancer in the Dark
Pretty in Pink
Polar Express
Sex, Lies and Videotape
True Stories
The Lego Movie
The Magnificent Seven
Gone With the Wind
Out of Africa
Dirty Harry
American Splendor
Six Feet Under
Jackie Brown
Toy Story
There Will Be Blood
The Master
Bottle Rocket
The Jazz Singer
Wild Man Blues
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Beauty and the Beast
My Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Hunger Games
Dead Poet's Society
New York, New York
One From the Heart
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

6-8 PM