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Country Pocket playlist for 01/20/2019

Final Sunday fill of the winter. I think. Deanie Richardson came to talk about her new solo project Love Hard Work Hard Play Hard.

Horrorscope playlist for 01/19/2019

fillin by toasty

fuckin toasted holy heck

Bob Duffy playlist for 01/19/2019

Blues Warehouse playlist for 01/18/2019

Fri. morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 01/18/2019


Fermented Radio playlist for 01/18/2019

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara sits in today

Iain Slater of APB at 11am on the phone

Rockin' Iration playlist for 01/18/2019

RastafarI culture and reggae music with DJ Kibret Neguse. Joined in the studio tonight is Zman, who was a co-host of this program for many years starting at the age of 12 - the youngest regular DJ here at WUSB! As always, lots of new music and requests from callers. The "Blazing Hot" song of the night is from Richie Spice featuring Kathryn Aria with the new single "Beautiful Life".

Friday Nite Free-Form playlist for 01/18/2019

Do It To Music!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/17/2019

that real underground hiphop

The "In" Crowd playlist for 01/17/2019

Walls, borders, Mexicans, treason, Russia, Putin, witch hunts and such during the 3 o'clock hour. Then we're celebrating the 30th anniversary this month of the release of Lou Reed's masterpiece New York. Plus birthday nods to Popeye (he turns 90), Françoise Hardy, and Steve Earle. At 5 you'll hear our regular "Tearing Off The Covers" segment. 90.1FM, WUSB.FM or on TuneIn on your mobile device.

Clam Radio playlist for 01/17/2019

What was suppose to be a show with Susan DeVita (couldn't make it at the last moment) turns into a fairly chaotic yet charming program that doesn't know what it wants to do. Hence, Clam Radio!

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 01/17/2019

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Tune in to Captain Phil's Planet to find out about the Original story of The Thing, Who Goes There and the recently discovered novel by John W. Campbell Frozen Hell, soon to be published buy Wildside Press. Then stay tuned to hear from The Road with Science Fiction writer Gregory A Wilson as his band The Road releases their third CD Five Years Later This Friday in Cambridge Mass.

Also playing new music by The Tangent from their album Proxy. All this and more on Captain Phil's Planet!

John Betancourt is the publisher of Wildside Press, as well as a mystery and science fiction writer. One of his current projects is the publication of a recently discovered alternate draft of John W. Campbell's classic "Who Goes There?" (filmed as The Thing by John Carpenter). He funded the project with Kickstarter, and it became one of the largest crowd-funded publishing projects of the year, raising more than $155,000.