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Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/18/2015

2 hours of bluegrass, it's great to be back!

Flood Radio playlist for 08/18/2015

fill-in by DJ Cornflower lol

Say Whats Radio playlist for 08/17/2015

With special guest: An Old Friend

Polka Express playlist for 08/17/2015

Extra section fill in for a women's persperctive on politics 1:30-3:25 1330-1525 hrs.

Traditional Folk playlist for 08/17/2015

Captain Phil's Planet beams in to fill in for Traditional Folk show who is on Vacation

Traditional Folk playlist for 08/17/2015

Captain Phil's Planet filling in for traditional Folk show! To the 8th dimension and Beyond!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 08/17/2015

Summertime mix for all hosted by Wayne

Jazz On The Air playlist for 08/16/2015

Hosted by Mr. Edison
Featuring Josep Benzola showcasing his new album "Tuareg". Plus birthday nods to Mal Waldron, Bill Evans & Ellery Eskelin.

Polka Express playlist for 08/15/2015

Extra section for Chris 12:00-6:30 AM 0000-0630

Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 08/14/2015

Post Birthday Celebration Show ~ Thank You Universe for all unexplainable things.... and coffee!

From Liwater.org:

Mandatory Lawn Chemical/Fertilizer Restrictions and Organic Lawns
High-nitrogen fertilizers contribute to nitrogen loading in rivers and bays in polluted runoff. Pesticides have been found in drinking water supplies and groundwater, especially in Suffolk County. Both Nassau and Suffolk County have the authority to limit nitrogen levels in fertilizer sold in the county, and homeowners can use organic methods to maintain properties. Farmers using organic methods to grow crops focus on soil quality and non-toxic solutions to pest problems, which do not pollute ground or surface waters.

Re-using Wastewater Where Appropriate

Fermented Radio playlist for 08/14/2015

Friday 10am to Noon

Beginning with Dreamland and Joni Mitchell at 11am there is a mashup of music and dialogue (from internet0 of the US Flag being raised at the US Embasy in Havana Cuba.

The Number Station playlist for 08/14/2015

We have a lot of fun here at the number station.