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The Spectrum playlist for 05/05/2016

80's metal, rock, progressive metal (mostly instrumental)

Battlezone Radio playlist for 05/04/2016

Battlezone Radio is broadcasted from The State University Of New York at Stony Brook. The show is hosted by DJ Digit Al, Struggle(PCU), AC Tha God, and Lyes Papparazzi. We have the hottest DJ's on Long Island DeeJay Tiger and DJ Richie Rukkuss and occasionally have guest DJ's from abroad breaking in new artists and classic hip hop. The show consists of interviews and commentary as well. We have been voted the "BEST" new hip hop show in New York. If you want to hear "TRUSKOOL" hip hop you now have an alternative to commercial mainstream radio.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 05/04/2016

2 hours of bluegrass music

Cafe`Ali playlist for 05/04/2016

At the Start of this Show it is 21hours 13 days since You took your love away Prince!

Astrologica playlist for 05/04/2016


Listen to This! playlist for 05/04/2016

On this week's show, we explore some great new music, including Jaggery's new album, Crux

Rock & Roll Rebel Radio playlist for 05/04/2016

LADY'S NIGHT- the greatest female artists in rock n roll history are featured

Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/03/2016

WE will take a special look at activists that have dedicated a very large chunk of their lives fighting for justice. We will highlight the activism of Daniel Berrigan who died Saturday at age 94.

Joining us will be Bill McNulty. Bill is a local activist for peace and justice on many fronts, with a long history with groups like SOA Watch, Pax Christi, Green Party of Suffolk, North Country Peace Group and many others. Bill worked side by side with the Berrigan Brothers and will share his thoughts on the death of Daniel. He is also a fellow progressive talk show host here at WUSB Stony Brook with his program “Lunch on Thursday” – airing from 11:00AM to 1:00PM.

Street FM playlist for 05/03/2016

The Best Thing On Monday Night Tuesday Morning.......

Jim Dexter playlist for 05/03/2016

Jim's show for Tuesday May 3, 2016

WUSB Recess playlist for 05/03/2016

Cornflower and Daysi play the hits, Shay Jah watches.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/03/2016

A special afternoon Revolution! And rain! And filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum! And rain!

Radio 631 playlist for 05/03/2016

guests Chris H and Ruchi present tonight. Chris throws on some hits while Monica (who's that?) and Ruchi hit the books. This time we discussed not taking compliments well and Chance the Rapper.

Robot Radio playlist for 05/03/2016

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/03/2016

Part duh: filmmaker Raul Sandelin, musician Karen Haglof....

Purple Starlight playlist for 05/02/2016

Alternating Monday mornings 2-4am

In memory of Prince