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Steve K playlist for 01/12/2017

Some psychedelic & underground rock & the usual suspects...

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/12/2017

live from mikey fresh crib new top 15 plus a dope trip in the time machine and more

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 01/12/2017

Last minute theme inspired show. It may have been my last show in the beloved old studios before we switchover to our new studios so although not very original I chose songs about radio or where radio is mentioned in the songs. Radio audience was encouraged to call in and make requests and I would like to thank some of those listeners , Scott who was working very hard in the Rockaways wanted to hear Jimi Hendrix doing Radio One. I must apologise Scott could not honor that rquest very much to my own disappointment. Thank you to Laverne who wanted to hear the Doors , York requested Steely Dan , Jack in coram for Lou Reed , Tim in Kings Park requested ZZ Top and the one and only Capt.Phil for two great songs from Spiraling and Supersister. I also want to thank singer , songwriter , musician Dave Christian for calling and chatting about his new band The Dave Christian Project which features himself on Guitar/Vocals , Thomas Karcher on Bass , Tony Campo on Keys and Raymond Houck on drums/percussion.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 01/11/2017

2 hours of bluegrass music!

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 01/11/2017

Fill-in for Suburban Hymns

Rock & Roll Rebel Radio playlist for 01/11/2017

Electricity - An even more electric than usual assortment of hits, misses, b sides, burritos, and miscellaneous

Progressive Solutions playlist for 01/10/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will look at activism in the context of preparation for the next 4 years, including some new student activism nationally.

Our featured guest is Linn Washington. Linn is an award-winning journalist who writes for publications nationwide and in Europe. Washington is a co-founder of the online newspaper THISCANTBEHAPPENING.NET. Linn is also an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Also joining us will be our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steve Wiehe

Street FM playlist for 01/10/2017

The Best Thing On A Monday Night/Tuesday Morning.....

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/10/2017

Jim's show for Tuesday January 10, 2017

Finn's Revolution playlist for 01/10/2017

Special guest Ankit Singh

Robot Radio playlist for 01/10/2017

Smooth Jazz Radio playlist for 01/10/2017

Hosted by George Rudolph, Smooth Jazz Radio features the latest releases in contemporary jazz as well as legacy jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Soul, some good old rock and roll, and interviews with the players that make the music.

More Cowbell playlist for 01/09/2017


Equilibrium playlist for 01/09/2017

Earthy and local music to ease your mind and body!
Perfect for relaxing, painting, or petting your cats and dogs!
Links for all Local music given below!
Most music available on my soundcloud:

Workhorse Radio playlist for 01/09/2017

live from the refridgerator robbie krieger,david bowie,jimmy page,all celebrate birthdays during this fridgid morning show