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Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 06/07/2017

First show back in a while!

Street FM playlist for 06/06/2017

The Best Thing On A Monday Night/Tuesday Morning....

Jim Dexter playlist for 06/06/2017

Jim's show for Tuesday June 6, 2017

Just a thought:
It’s much, much harder to terrorise a population into submission than official and unofficial purveyors of mass violence always think it is. Normality isn’t a fixed state but a spectrum with a remarkably wide range. Terrorists are contemptible for many reasons, but one of them is the stupidity of not knowing this. They try to magnify themselves with epic acts of cruelty. In the end they are diminished and defeated by the strange ability of human beings to step around the pools of blood, keep going and forget.

Fintan O'Toole

Mr. X. Presents..... playlist for 06/06/2017

Mr. X Xtended!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/06/2017

The Spinto Band's THOMAS HUGHES, and Hawk & A Hacksaw's HEATHER TROST....

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 06/06/2017

Rainy Day Blues

The Stony Brook Jamboree playlist for 06/05/2017

Hits and their originals.

Serial playlist for 06/05/2017

Second Show of SERENDIPITY

SERENDIPITY MIXTAPE starts for the third show
Submit song requests at this link : https://goo.gl/forms/HASdBYC39VzRMfTI3

Equilibrium playlist for 06/05/2017

Feel Good Vibes, Conscious Tunes & More!
Equilibrium Bookings ~

More Cowbell playlist for 06/05/2017


Polka Express playlist for 06/05/2017

Fill in for Medicine unplugged 6:00-7:00 AM

Velvet Room playlist for 06/05/2017

The Best R&B Music in Long Island!!!

China Blue playlist for 06/04/2017

6-8PM Fill in by DJ This Bird Has Flown