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Smooth Jazz Radio playlist for 11/22/2016

Do You Jazz Marathon from Noon to Midnight featuring George Rudolph, Buddy Merriam, Kevin Kovarik, The Sunnyland Jazz Band and the Fresh Tones performed live. A spendid time was had by all.

Smooth Jazz Radio playlist for 11/22/2016

Hour 6 of the Jazz Marathon featuring new Latin releases and artists provided by the hosts of Onda Neuva

Smooth Jazz Radio playlist for 11/22/2016

Jazz Marathon - Hours 9-12 -This starts with the Fresh Tones, a LI-based Jazz Trio - With Chameleon from Herbie Hancock as background you can hear, but not make out, chatter. It's like sitting in a nightclub waiting for the music to start. Great stuff!!

Workhorse Radio playlist for 11/21/2016

morning show

The Stony Brook Jamboree playlist for 11/21/2016

Thanksgiving Special

More Cowbell playlist for 11/21/2016

Blues and R&B

More Cowbell playlist for 11/21/2016

Rock/ Blues

Captain Rockit's Time Machine playlist for 11/21/2016

Captain Rockit fills in for the Soul Glo Bistro with two hours of The Rhythm And The Blues. Featuring classic blues tracks and a preview tribute set from Sharon Jones before The Sharon Jones Tribute show this coming Saturday at 6 PM.

Horrorscope playlist for 11/20/2016

some "blues" airs and then the doors came by, merzbow came by then we started the show with syd waters gilmour...

Slice of Life playlist for 11/20/2016

Great tunes. Great talk. Real Talk.

Join DJ Spooky Christmas, DJ Tom, and DJ Danny Sugoi as we discuss phones, worms, skeletons, pigs, board games, heights, walls, light switches, religion, and many more!!!

What's the deal with segment- umbrellas?

Sunday Street playlist for 11/20/2016

Today's program's theme was "Mostly Mose," a celebration of the career of Mose Allison, the bluesman and jazz musician who left us this past Tuesday at age 89. In addition to this we also played a set of songs for Thanksgiving and some songs by Leon Russell, another recent loss in the music world.

Antisocial People Party playlist for 11/19/2016

The come down from the lock-in

Election Connection 2016 playlist for 11/18/2016


Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 11/18/2016

To close the 24hr lock-in, songs about friends :)

From The Storm We Ran playlist for 11/18/2016

Mix Mix Mix 24hr lock in! Survival