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Suburban Hymns playlist for 11/09/2022

Dj Binky and DJ L.Afortunado

Suburban Hymns playlist for 07/20/2022

Fill In by Rosanne Hoffmann

Suburban Hymns playlist for 07/06/2022

Today at 2 pm on WUSB Stony Brook I'm filling in for Paul Newland on Suburban Hymns filling the afternoon with some tunes and an interview with Dyanne Potter Voegtlin and James Robinson talking about all things Potter's Daughter and the upcoming New Jersey Proghouse Summer Camp show on Saturday, August 6, 2022
Camp Oak Spring
228 Weston Rd, Somerset, NJ 08873
Then finish the afternoon digging some tunes and maybe some local Long Island Artists as well. Terrestrial Radio coordinates are 90.1 fm or 107.3 fm and stream anywhere in the solar system by logging in to

Listen to Cúmha í Ndiaidh Aisling Shéanta by Laura Mulcahy on #SoundCloud:

Watch Cúmha í Ndiaidh Aisling Shéanta on YouTube:


The Story:

Dark Enchantress, Laura Mulcahy entered the Student's Union via saloon-style doors at the side of the joint. She looked around absorbing both the atmosphere and the intense conversations; the kind that are liberally punctuated by the F- F- F- of the educated elite.

Suburban Hymns playlist for 04/26/2022


Suburban Hymns playlist for 03/15/2022