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sub.rad playlist for 11/22/2008


Trim Mix Party playlist for 11/21/2008

BOOM BAP NOT THE CLICK CLACK new official member of trim mix KNOCKS


Jon Singer playlist for 11/18/2008

DJ Ev Fill-in

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 11/17/2008

Pledge for radiothon you cheap bastards! 631*632-6901!!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 11/17/2008


Jazz On The Air playlist for 11/16/2008

3pm start after WM BBall.

Grey, Windy, Blustery Sunlessday. Music to lift the clouds and make you feel cozy.

Classics, New Artists, Tribute to Merle Saunders (4:30-5pm) and a vist from our old buddy Ray Anderson!

BTW, Ray is playing this Saturday Night -- November 22 -- at the Brush Barn in Smithtown. This is a really good show featuring all new material composed and arranged by Ray.

Free Software Round Table playlist for 11/15/2008

Chris & Chris - live electronic music
LILUG members present Free Software Round Table - open source current events


K-Spot playlist for 11/14/2008

covered by Paul from "Hypnagogic State"

BQE playlist for 11/13/2008

These beats are fresh.

Midnight Invasion playlist for 11/12/2008

Mr. Metronome! filling in for Midnight Invasion.


Mr. Metronome! playlist for 11/10/2008

Blast from the past!!!! Ennio Morricone, 8-bit goodness! The Radio Rickroll!