Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 03/18/2010

9:00 Bucky Pizzarelli Master and Consummate Jazz guitarist calls in to talk about the March 27th concert w/Frank Vignola’s Hot Club 100 years of Django Jazz at BNL
10:00 Dr. Jim Carlson Genocide: How Your Doctor's Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!!!!
10:45 Andy Aledort Musician and 17 year editor of Guitar World talking about his new cd "Live at the North Star"

Steve K playlist for 03/17/2010

100% Women

The White Room playlist for 03/16/2010

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Presenting..... A Night in San Francisco. Night in San Francisco is a live album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, released in 1994. Guest artists were John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells and Jimmy Witherspoon as well as Morrison's daughter, Shana Morrison. James Hunter and Brian Kennedy helped out with the vocals and Georgie Fame was also a presence. Thanks to my callers; Willie from Fire Island, Richie from E. Patchogue who was getting his socks rocked off, Big Daddy for his pledge and fellow staffers Habanero & Joe V!

Various Grooves playlist for 03/16/2010

today featuring some new & talented musicians past & present,,,,featuring for Women's History month some special selections, and please pledge for out Spring Radiothon- keepin it live & well for your listening enjoyment,

morning classical playlist for 03/16/2010

featuring the complete chamber music of french composer- francis poulenc
featuring alexander tharaud - piano, philippe bernold-flute,oliver doise-oboe,ronald van spaendonck-clarinet,laurent lefevre-bassoon,herve joulain-french horn philippe bernold-recorder

Community Chest playlist for 03/14/2010

GRATEFUL DEAD RADIO all day (still) till MIDNITE

Marc at the wheel of the Bus,

Let's kick off our BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR PHIL with a little local flavor, from the bands first shows at the Nassau Coliseum>> September 8 1973 , a nice chunk of the second set .... super SBD with massive bass and Phil's backing harmonies.

A few days later, (the next shows) are down in Williamsburg VA at William and Mary University .. what makes this show special is the Horn section that joins along to begin the second set. We check that out ....

Our next segment should be called "UnPhiltered" as we explore Phil's composing style with a journey to the Sixth Street Studio Session while rehearsing for Mars Hotel .. we'll examine the evolution of Unbroken Chain & Pride Of Cucamonga.

Early Phil ... OK, how 'bout when he was a College Music Student? May 1959 from a recital of the College of San Mateo Jazz Ensemble and Bigband. Original composition from our featured birthday boy ... Young Phil and his Trumpet.

Traditional Folk playlist for 03/14/2010

Grateful Dead Marathon 6pm- midnight

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 03/14/2010

Grateful-Dead-A-Thon ... Danny Thompson brings in his very own master audience tapes and the stories that go with them....

Yes incredible Reel To Reel Master tape played directly off the actual machine it was recorded on, truly jaw dropping Cal Expo Amphitheatre in Sacramento, CA May 21, 1992.

Thanks Danny that was unbelievably brilliant!

Jazz On The Air playlist for 03/14/2010

Grateful Dead_A-Thon edition -- Marc sitting in with LIVE PERFORMANCE from Studio 237

Before the Warlocks or Mother Mcree's Jug Band there was a vibrant country folk/bluegrass community on San Francisco. Music from Joan Baez, Kentucky Colnels, Bill Monroe and others help to illustrate early influences on their music.

BQE playlist for 03/13/2010

New baby rocks the beats

No Apologies playlist for 03/13/2010

Grateful Dead Marathon Part 1

For The Young And Young At Heart playlist for 03/13/2010

Grateful Dead A Thon -- March 13 2010 -- thanks Felipito for sharing your timeslot with all of us ....

John Hance programs this evening's happy hour with more rare morsels.... The Wall Of Sound several examples of what it was like in the audience from early summer 1974. Then moving the survey into 1975.

BIG THANKS to John Jay Hance and Scott Vid for coming in this afternoon and sharing all their knowledge......

Mr Edison is back in at 7pm unitl 9:30pm ... Joe V. follows with his special mix up and over the midhight hour.

I'm returning around 1am with more special guests live in the studio playing their favories.

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 03/13/2010

Grateful Dead Marathon Hosted by Mr. Edison (again)