Clam Radio playlist for 09/11/2008

Eclectic music (mostly from the 20th Century) and interviews with interesting people.

Free Music Show playlist for 09/10/2008

In-studio guests Tim Restivo, TheDexOrphan, and Kim Humphrey for the Be-In Festival after party pre-party


Pop of the Tops playlist for 09/09/2008

The big beat in popular music today.


Finn's Revolution playlist for 09/09/2008

Thanks to all listeners & callers!

No Static At All playlist for 09/08/2008

Long, Epic, Repetitive, Droning, Experimental, Electronic, Electric and Eclectic some New Local Tunes

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 09/07/2008

A little bit of everything, as usual.

Including new tracks from the just-released fourth album of hip hop group Dynamic Duo, and some more great tunes from band Super Kidd.

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 09/06/2008

Look what the wind blew in...
Rich Koch filling in as Hanna hums along...

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 09/05/2008

The Hate to See You Go Show