Steve K playlist for 03/31/2010

Thanks to Rosanne,Bill and Chris for helping with calls...Alex Chilton,Wilburys,Clapton and other FOOLishness

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 03/31/2010

Hi WUSB Pre-Sunrise Music Mix listeners. A correction was made to this playlist. The number 4
track was posted as [Artist: Teav Clermont, Album: Audio My Angel, Track: Sand Mines]. That was corrected to [Artist: Audiose My Angel, Album: Kinetic Kinship, Track: Sandmines]. The 4/13/10 playlist was corrected also. Thanks for listening to WUSB 90.1 FM, and especially to the Pre-Sunrise Music Mix. Watch out the sandman might get you! GaryC

The White Room playlist for 03/30/2010

Celebrating the birthdays of Eric Clapton, Emmylou Harris, Rufus Thomas & Herb Alpert. Happy Passover, happy Easter and happy opening day!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/29/2010

FEATURED INTERVIEW for PART 2 of our CHURCH/STATE discussion sparked by the Texas Board of Education swinging hard right and making significant text book/curriculum changes will be BRENDA NORTON, a lawyer for 25 years and currently a doctoral student and graduate teacher at the Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies, Baylor University, Waco, TX.


Wake and Bake playlist for 03/29/2010

Today featuring the third set from the special Phil Lesh 70th birthday party concert by Furthur at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco CA on 3-12-2010.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/29/2010

RIP Alex Chilton

sub.rad playlist for 03/28/2010

4am fill-in by dj ev!!!

Community Chest playlist for 03/28/2010

An afternoon with composer Martin Loyato

Beginnings playlist for 03/27/2010

Casey At The Bat "with new ears"

sub.rad playlist for 03/27/2010

2010 Tom Waits Marathon 12a-9am!!!

Jazz On The Air playlist for 03/27/2010

Hosted by Mr. Edison. Huzzahs to the BNC Music Club's showcasing of Frank Vignola's Django tribute (with Bucky Pizzarelli playing tough and strong at 86!), birthday yups to Tete Montoliu and Ben Webster. Plus 45 minutes of variations on the theme of "Cherokee".

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 03/27/2010

Continuation of the Waits A Thon 2010 including live performance of "Chocolate Jesus" by Rule 17 Plus Two

BQE playlist for 03/26/2010


The Melting Pot playlist for 03/26/2010

Steve K filling in ...Lots of music.