Through A Glass Darkly Playlists

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 07/23/2022

The July 9 show focused on different firsts. The cliche in the music business is that you have your whole life to make your first album, then one year to make your second. In sports, there is a phenomenon called "The Sophomore Jinx." There are also the "Terrible Twos." Celebrate bands' second albums with 25 sets of two-fers spread over three hours.

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 07/09/2022

"First Things First." On this show, the first hour represents first songs off artists' first albums. The second hour contains first #1 hits by 16 artists. The third hour has first versions of 20 songs made more popular by other artists.
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Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 06/25/2022

The first official weekend of Summer 2022 includes some wild moments, a dab of blues, and some alternative tidbits from the 1980s and 1990s, in addition to new tasty treats. Kick back for a few hours with a beverage of your choice and enjoy! As always, visit me on Facebook or MixCloud to leave comments:

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 06/11/2022

This is the 13th edition of Through A Glass Darkly... and in deference to those who have triskaidekaphobia, we focus on songs looking at rain, thunder, and lightning. Hunker down and enjoy!
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Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 05/27/2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Hoping to kick off the unofficial start of summer 2022 with a mixed bag of songs, some you'll know, some which might be new to you. As always, leave me feedback at

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 05/13/2022

A mixed bag spanning seven decades of music including rock, pop, blues, rap, new wave, punk, prog rock, folk, and alternative. Features a block of seven tracks by indie female vocalists and a nod to a couple of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 inductees.

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 04/29/2022

Three diverse hours: an hour of blues and boogie, an hour of time-related songs, and the last hour is a mixed bag to get your day going. Visit me on Facebook to comment!

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 04/15/2022

First hour - Lennon songs by John, Julian, Yoko, Sean, Sean's bands (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and The Claypool Lennon Delirium), cover songs by Elvis Costello, Christina Aguilera, R.E.M., John with Rick Nielsen & Bun E. Carlos.
Second hour - get your funk on - lots of rhythmic tracks from the 1960s through the early 2000s.
Third hour - a mixed bag of metal, pop, folk, prog rock, industrial, and classic rock.

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 03/18/2022

The final show of winter takes on an exploration of faith and raises some philosophical and ideological questions for all to ponder, on a diverse musical journey. To listen, clidk:

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 03/05/2022

This edition focuses on California, as a break from the Long Island winter. Let's take a 3-hour trip to the Golden State together -- we'll be back in time for spring! To listen, click:

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 12/25/2021

The Christmas edition avoids the usual plethora of holiday music flooding the radio. In fact, only one Christmas sone appears, near the end of the second hour. Not to worry, plenty more to celebrate:

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 12/11/2021

The second installment of the show features tributes to commemorate the 20th anniversary of George Harrison's passing, the 41st anniversary of John Lennon's murder, and some recent releases/reissues by the Rolling Stones.

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Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 11/27/2021

Free form radio program. This debut edition focused on all songs from 1971. Hear it on M-XCloud: