Melting World Playlists

Melting World playlist for 12/03/2023

Scandinavian epic jams & new space psych from
Black Moon Circle (Norway), Spacelords (Germany), Kaliyuga Express (Finland),
Oresund Space Collective (Denmark), Our Solar System (Sweden)
Psych jam From Highbay (Hungary), new Ambient from Stratosphere (Belgium)

Melting World playlist for 11/19/2023

Caribbean marathon melting world of Dub, a journey through the effects laden electronic sub genre of Jamaican roots music. Going back in time to form's originators to the contemporary dub master Ryan Moore and his productions on his M Records label. Dub Techno and Ambient Dub in the Cosmic Hour with Martin Stürtzer, Porter Ricks (Germany) and CV313 (USA)

Melting World playlist for 11/05/2023

EST backwards clock Krautrock Radiothon extravaganza with
Ohr Musik (UK), Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno (Japan), Brainticket (Switzerland), Can, Harmonia, Ashra (Germany)
New Music from Kaliyuga Express (Finland), Dividenthal & Aumgn (UK)
Krautrock supergroup jam with Thorsten Quaeschning, Lüül Graf-Ulbrich, Frantz Brahman & Knut Hagerdorn in the Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 10/22/2023

Full Power Spacerock, Psyche, Progressive, and Krautrock with
Yuri Gagarian (Sweden), Sonar (Switzerland), Hawkwind, Nik Turner (UK)
New music from
Oulu Space Jam Collective (Finland), Electric Orange (Germany),
Pilot Voyager (Hungary) in the Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 10/08/2023

Global Cosmic Synth Journey pt2
Paul Ellis (USA), Pyramid Peak (Germany), Pabellón Sintético (Argentina), Aythar (Hungary), Thom Brennan (USA), The Soviet Space Dog Project,Ian Boddy (UK)
New music from Martin Stürtzer, Cosmic Ground (Germany), Node (UK) din vault release,
Steve Roach (Sonoran Desert, USA) live Los Angeles cathedral concert 6/3/23 Bandcamp digital release.

Melting World playlist for 09/24/2023

Instrumental psych from Elder (USA), Polska Radio One (Russia), Acid Rooster, (Germany), Solar Trip, (Poland), The Myrrors (USA)
New Music from Temple Fang (Netherlands)
Pink Floyd-BBC 9/10/71 in the Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 09/03/2023

More European Summer Psych festival music from King Buffalo (USA), Giöbia (Italy)
Progressive psych with Elder performing this Wednesday 9/6@
New music from Acid Rooster, Vibravoid, Zone 6 (Germany), Deep Space Destructors (Finland)
Experimental weirdness from The Lengendary Pink Dots (UK & Netherlands) in the Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 08/20/2023

Heavy psych, stoner, space and krautrock with
Agrabatti (USA), Mantra Machine (Netherlands), The Cosmic Dead (UK), Lush Worker (UK), Black Mountain (Canada)
New music from Sonic Demon (Italy), Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO (Japan)
Summer festival recordings from Elder (USA), Electric Moon (Germany)
Can (Germany) live 1970 in the Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 08/06/2023

Peter Brötzmann (1941-2023) memorial show
Two sets dedicated to the late Avante Garde German composer and saxaphonist
Music from Electric Masada, Pharoah Sanders, Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition, A.R.C.,
new music from Wadada Leo Smith,
Sonny Sharrock & John McLaughlin on Miles Davis Jack Johnson sessions
Shakti's 50th anniversary tour appearing at the Capitol Theater, Portchester 8/19 and NJPAC, Newark 8/20
The Coltrane House dream of a rememberance space for all is becoming a reality with the start of the restoration of the Dix Hills home he shared with his wife Alice and children.
More info @

Melting World playlist for 07/23/2023

2023 Great South Bay Music Festival Saturday Night Send Off Show
Grateful Dead-Boston Music Hall 6/10/76, Barton Hall Cornell University,Ithaca NY 5/8/77
Instrumental jam from Circles Around The Sun
New Years Eve in July with Band of Gypsys !2/31/69
Jazz Is Dead, Diga Rhythm Band, Jerry Garcia

Melting World playlist for 07/09/2023

Part 2-Playlist
1) Kraftwerk-Expo 2000 (Kling Klang mix 2000)
2) Ed Wynne-Glass Staircase (Shimmer Into Nature>KScope Records)
3) Astralasia-Continuim (Wind on Water>Magick Eye Records)
4) Nik Turner-Prophecy (Prophets of Time>Cleopatra Records)
5) Psychedelic Source Records-Sparkling Melody (IHAMUTRA)
6) Psychedelic Source Records-Studio Session Pt 2 (Primordial States)
7) Electric Orange-Kunstkopf (Krautrock From Hell)
8) Electric Orange-Continuum (EOXXV>Studio Fleisch)
9) Klaus Schulze-Echoes of Time (Timewind 1975,2006>SPV)
10) Modoki-Roll Away Your Shadow (Atom Sphere)
11) Space Victim-The Sea of Sleep (Psychotropic Mind Murder)

Melting World playlist for 07/09/2023

Spacerock from Ed Wynne, Astralasia, Nik Turner, Space Victim (UK)
Psychedelic from Psychedelic Source Sounds (Hungary), Modoki, Kikagaku Moya (Japan)
Krautrock from Kraftwerk, Electric Orange (Germany) and
Klaus Schulze in The Cosmic Hour

Melting World playlist for 06/25/2023

Progressive music from the 70's & 90's with Patrick Moraz, David Bowie, Brian Eno
21 years ago tonight the first Nektar reunion Nearfest 6/25/02 Camden NJ
Naxatras-progressive psych (Greece)
German electronic music with Klaus Hoffman-Hoock & Bernhard Wöstheinrich
Quarkspace (USA) a few tracks from "Spacefolds"12 cd improviused space rock series
Via Lactea (Mexico) Spiral Realms (UK) in the cosmic hour

Melting World playlist for 06/11/2023

The Cure-6/20,21,22 MSG NYC
A few tunes from The Cure to open the show this morning followed by new releases from
Ludvig Cimbrelius's Rust (Sweden),Erik Wøllo (Norway) and Dirk Serries (Belgium)
Then a dive into the deep end of the ambient mind pool with the masters Alio Die (Italy) and Robert Rich (USA) with a long set from each. Collaborations from Paul Ellis & Craig Padilla (USA) and from Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow's homage to American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce-The Sleeping Prophet (1877-!945) in the deep drift segment

Melting World playlist for 05/28/2023

Les Caypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade with Sean Lennon
performing Pink Floyd's "Animals"
6/23/23-Capitol Theater/Portchester
6/24/23-NYCB Theater/Westbury
Spacepsych with Ozric Tentacles Live@The Pongmasters Ball, London 3/29/02
Stick Men featuring David Cross-Panamerica 2017 South and Central American Tour
Pilot Voyager (Hungary), Krautrock with Amon Düül 2

Melting World playlist for 05/14/2023

Tribal Ambient from Lisa Gerrard (Australia), Stellamara, Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, (USA), Delerium (Canada), Ole Lukkoye (Russia), Jorge Reyes & Suso Sáiz (Mexico & Spain), Temps Perdu?, Mark Seelig (Germany), Vidna Obmana (Belgium), Rapoon, Stillpoint (UK)
Happy 40th anniversary Sam Rosenthal’s Projekt Records

Melting World playlist for 04/30/2023

Global cosmic synth music part 1
Tangerine Dream and Cosmic Ground (Germany), Chuck Van Zyl (USA), Cartas de Japón (Argentina)
Radio Massacre International (UK),

Melting World playlist for 04/16/2023

Global psychedelic space and electronic with
Porcupine Tree (UK), Ghosts of Jupiter (USA), Pilot Voyager (Hungary), Øresund Space Collective (Denmark), Grateful Dead (USA), My Brother the Wind (Sweden), Black Moon Circle (Norway)
New electronic with Steve Roach(USA) Live Ambient Church NYC 6/4/22 in the Cosmic Hour
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Melting World playlist for 04/02/2023

David Lindley (1944-2023) Tribute
In honor of Radiothon we will feature the recently departed California based session musician, lead guitarist and band leader with 4 sets of music focusing on Dave's solo music with 2 acoustic sets with Jordanian percussionist Hani Nasar and in the 2 electric segments his band from 1981-1989 El Rayo-X and his work with Warren Zevon
Please consider a donation to WUSB with our biannual fundraiser Radiothon
It is vital to the survival of our beloved station

Melting World playlist for 03/19/2023

Heavy global psychedelic space edition with
Hawkwind, Black Sky Giant, Psychic Lemon, :nepaal,
Black Moon Circle, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.