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Free Air playlist for 09/29/2021

Captain in the house to 3am then stick around for Charlie!

Free Air playlist for 08/10/2020

Marc Greene sits in with a live Fermented Radio - Overnite Edition

Free Air playlist for 07/13/2020

Fermented Radio Overnite Edition

Marc Greene sitting in at the controls for 3 hours of early morning edutainment

Marc visits with exciting young talent Alex Jordan to discuss his first solo recording The Subtle Exhibitionist.

Free Air playlist for 05/07/2020

Scott's Jukebox Time Machine

50's Rock and Roll Special

Free Air playlist for 04/28/2020

Hey Viralites! Welcome to YER JOHNSON'S HANGIN' OUT with FINN JOHNSON! This morning's premiere episode features FOUR TET's new one SIXTEEN OCEANS... dig it...