Fermented Radio Playlists

Fermented Radio playlist for 01/27/2023

Friday 10am to Noon

Wadada Leo Smith joins the program today. It is a sincere honor of mine to share this inspirational persons discussion about his life's journey as a Creative Artist.


Fermented Radio playlist for 01/23/2023

Fillin' In for Mario of More Cowbell this morning.

Lot's and lots of classic tracks from the Fermented Archive on this program. The past three months there have been a lot of new/old performances that have come to my attention, This is a sampling of a few of those. Enjoy, and tune in next Monday when Mario returns with more More Cowbell

Fermented Radio playlist for 01/20/2023

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara joins in today

Fermented Radio playlist for 01/15/2023

Special Sunday Night Edition - 8-10p

Roger Street Friedman joins Fermented Radio to discuss Love Hope Trust his latest recording project .... https://rogerstreetfriedman.com

Remembering Canadian Rock Pioneer, Randy Bachman.

This program has been produced with the spirit of "Idiot's De;ight" veteran ny are deejay Vin Scelsa's epic show that used to play year's back. Vinnie has been a huge influence on the Fermented Radio program, and I think he'd approve of this episode.

Also, the show is dedicated to the loving memory of our WUSB family member George Rudolph - a magnificent community member and delightful person to spend time with. we're grateful for having him among us.

Fermented Radio playlist for 01/13/2023

Friday the Thirteenth MOFO's !!!! Sad week we lost Jeff Beck and Lisa Marie Presley. Denis McNamara is aLive in the studio as We provide the Fermented SendOff for these two iconic legends.

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Fermented Radio playlist for 01/06/2023

Friday 10am to Noon

New Year - New Program

Denis McNamara joins in today and takes the NYT "The Great News Quiz of 2022" as well as lots of good tunes and fun banter.

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Fermented Radio playlist for 11/25/2022

Black Friday '22 10am to 1pm

Denis McNamara joins today.

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Fermented Radio playlist for 11/18/2022

Friday 10 to Noon

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Fermented Radio playlist for 11/11/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Variety of music on this Radiothon Edition of our program.

New Music from Roger Street Friedman "LOVE HOPE TRUST"
The Chieftains "The Foxhunt - The Chieftains - San Francisco 1975 & 1976"
Steve Forbert "Moving Across America"
check these out, it's worth it!!

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Fermented Radio playlist for 11/04/2022

Friday 10 to Noon

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/28/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

New Vinyl on this morning's program:
Greg Anton & Friends - Starfire
Zero - Naught Again

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/21/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Art Blakey and Bill Evans in Hour One

We say farewell to Robert Gordon in Hour Two, may he Rest In Peace.

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/14/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara joins today

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/07/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Fermented Radio playlist for 09/30/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Rome Yamilov and Henry Kaiser join in the second hour to discuss The Lenoir Investigation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_u5R-SUabg - Rome on youtube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSJW-Rp0DXU - Henry's - Solo #14 w. Lenoir Investigation footage

Fermented Radio playlist for 09/16/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara joins today

Fermented Radio playlist for 09/09/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara joins today

Fermented Radio playlist for 09/02/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara joins today

Fermented Radio playlist for 08/19/2022

Friday 10am to Noon

Jim Pugh of Little Village Foundation joins us today.