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Toasty's Takeover playlist for 10/21/2020

Ghostly's Snakeover Halloween Spooktacular

This one is for a ll the halloweenies, all the spooky kids, all the melancholy homies, to the ragers, and the dreamers. much spooky luv ghostly.

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 08/12/2020

if yr struggling this 2020 i dedicate this one 2 u <3
Take care bbs

also we had to play WAP, we just had too! Lmao

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 02/26/2020

Woah! Oh! Yo!

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 02/12/2020

B A N A N A S !
B A N A N A S !
B A N A N A S ! toasthy & crispy

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/15/2020

thk u for the good times and the bad times but esp the times when u listened to my show

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/04/2020

Filling in for The Broadcast (luv u mr broadcast bb)

We did some dancey things then nestled into some alt, dream pop, etc.

Also go see Uncut Gems u dummy, and if u know anywhere they're still playing Parasite lmk because 2019 was cray and I didn't get to c it bb :(

2020 David Berman Forever

Chill tf over this Iran ish pls, i dont want innocent blood on our hands

-luv toasty n frends

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/01/2020

New new new thingg!
New new new u know!
Revolved again it revolved again!
Again again!
How many more?
I don't know?
Don't ask me!
I'm not the guy that knows!
Let's keep dancing!
Let's keep
U know what to do!

- uh toasty?

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 11/20/2019

Toasty's Takeover gets moody, aggressive dance beats, string sections to make ur stomach churn n ur teeth gr8. Some pretty bits so u don't lose ur sanity or hearing 2. If u like this kind of ish ur my kind of person, but also stay tf away from me <3

t text and dr
ive u crazy kid

love ur pal,

-toasty xD

oh, wot r u still doing here? this set was extras looooooooooooong, so I stayed up until 3am playing a lot of loooooooooooooooooooooooooong post rock, slowcore, ambient epics. I like to live a healthy lifestyle. <3

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 10/23/2019

Ghostly, Creepy, and Ghoul Cat talk spooky folklore and creep out Ghostly's mom with halloweeen theeeemed 2uuuuuuuuunes.

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 10/09/2019

Word. We played some ethereal pop bops, folktronicas, cali noise, hip hops, and haus 2unes. Enjoi bbs

- toasty

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 09/25/2019

play this playlist if yr wanna start ur nite :) have ur middle nite :( and then end yr nite :o