Unsported Live Playlists

Unsported Live playlist for 07/14/2012

A pre-emption for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary. Miss ya ladies!


Unsported Live playlist for 08/20/2011

fill in by seattle public library (just nutmeg this week)

Unsported Live playlist for 07/10/2010

Chris Phillips filling in!

Unsported Live playlist for 04/09/2010

Deb (Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff), Debbie (Downhome Country), Eve (The White Room/The Long Island Sound) and Habanero (Whatever Floats Yer Boat) filling in for the usual Unsported crew.

Thanks to Bob Longman for engineering!

Condolences to Rosanne (Cheap Thrills) who was unable to join us at the last minute due to a family emergency.

Unsported Live playlist for 01/09/2010

The Unsported girls couldn't make it tonight, so a few of the WUSB women stepped up to the plate to fillin in for them. We had Debbie (Down Home Country), Eve (The Long Island Sound), Habanero (Whatever Floats Yer Boat) and Rosanne (Cheap Thrills). Thanks to Joe V for engineering (and playing the 'go out with the boys and chase sheep all night' Station ID at the perfect time)!

Unsported Live playlist for 08/08/2009

Dr. Nathan is filling in for Unsported Live.