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5/17/24 on Destinies:The FuMP Desecrates Tom Lehrer)

From Howard Margolin:

In 2022, the legendary music satirist Tom Lehrer made his entire catalogue open to the public domain. Recently, the members of the Funny Music Project, or the FuMP, released a tribute album containing their versions of 25 of Lehrer's classic songs.

This Friday night at 11:15 PM, comedy rap artist and producer Devo Spice returns for his 8th appearance, to discuss and introduce selections from "The FuMP Desecrates Tom Lehrer."

You'll find out how the artists chose their songs, and why some decided to update the lyrics. You'll learn about Devo Spice's latest solo album, and the ongoing new additions to the FuMP's output.

And, you'll hear adaptations of Tom Lehrer's songs by The Consortium of Genius, Worm Quartet, the Great Luke Ski, Robbie Ellis, Lauren Mayer, Tom Smith, and Devo Spice, as well as a previously unreleased song by Tom Lehrer himself.

Friday, May 17th, at 11:15 PM.

Hosted by Howard Margolin.

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