Destinies speaks with Perseverance Records producer Robin Esterhammer

From Howard Margolin:

This week, Destinies welcomes back Robin Esterhammer, producer of Perseverance Records, for his eighth live interview.

Tune in Friday night, at 11:15 PM, as the head of one of the few independent record labels specializing in the release of rare film soundtracks makes his return to discuss and introduces selections from his company's latest release, "Who Wants to Live Forever? Forsaken Themes From Fantastic Films Volume 2."

You'll hear selections from Michael Kamen's classic score for Highlander, Charles Bernstein's unused score for The Serpent and the Rainbow, Phantoms by David Williams, Dragon Soldiers by Edwin Wendler, and Resident Evil by Stony Brook native and Emmy Award winner Marco Beltrami.

Plus, you'll learn about Perseverance's Kickstarter campaign for the funding of a project to re-record some early scores and symphonic works by the late composer James Horner.

And, find out how you can receive a copy of "Who Wants to Live Forever?" for your pledge of support to WUSB's Radiothon during this week's show.

Friday, April 12th, at 11:15 PM.

Hosted by Howard Margolin.