Destinies Reviews Madame Web


From Howard Margolin: 

Last week, Madame Web opened in theaters, taking us once more into the Sony Spider-verse.

This week, the Destinies Film Review Team crawls in for a live discussion of Madame Web, beginning at 11:15 PM.

Does the film accurately reflect even an approximation of the numerous Spider-Man-adjacent characters and situations?

Is Dakota Johnson's Cassie Webb likeable, and will anyone care about her character's arc?

Who are the three teenage girls destined to become Spider-Women in their own right, and how do they fit into the story?

Is Tahir Rahim's Ezekial Sims a compelling villain, or another one-dimensional whiner?

And, what is this movie worth on the newly-expanded Destinies zero to $9.50 rating scale?

Find out on Friday, February 23rd, at 11:15 PM, when hosts Howard Margolin, Audrey Dettmering, Dave Campfield, Timothy Gillespie, and Natalie Voltz review Madame Web on

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