a million open tabs playlist for 06/28/2023

the strokesis this it
her'swhat once was
pondpaint me silver
tennisneed your love
lordethe love club
dr. dogshadow people
grizzly beartwo weeks
frothlost my mind
fiona applewaltz (better than fine)
voxtrotthe start of something
vundabaralien blues
her'sif you know what's right
ginger rootover the hill
khraungbindern kala
tv girlhate yourself
djochateau (feel alright)
khraungbinpeople everywhere (still alive)
twin peaksblue coupe
father john mistynow i'm learning to love the war
cultsalways forever
the symposiumred river
men i trustshow me how
the strokessomeday
tv girlblue hair
beach housespace song
the strokesthe adults are talking
salvia pathi was all over her
fox academychoking on flowers