a million open tabs playlist for 06/06/2023

sky ferreirai blame myself
sky ferreiraeverything is embarrassing
marinaoh no!
japanese breakfastin hell
japanese breakfastthe woman that loves you
ethel caina house in nebraska
taylor swiftcowboy like me
taylor swiftmad woman
taylor swiftthis is me trying
lana del reyhow to disappear
lana del reysay yes to heaven
lana del rey, father john mistylet the light in
mitskia burning hell
mitskipink in the night
mitskiwhy didn't you stop me?
taylor swiftmirror ball
taylor swiftthe archer
phoebe bridgerssavior complex
boygeniusnot strong enough
mitskitexas reznikoff
bon iverfor emma
better oblivion community centerbig black heart
fiona applepaper bag
fiona applesullen girl
fiona applecriminal
jeff buckleylover, you should've come over