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a million open tabs playlist for 05/03/2023

agust dlife goes on*
agust dsdl*
agust damygdala*
so!yoon!, rmsmoke sprite (ft. rm of bts)*
rm, parkjiyoonno. 2 (with parkjiyoon)
eaeon, rmdon't
rm, coldehectic (with colde)
epik high, colderain song (feat. colde)
coldethe museum
crowd lu, the black skirtsdream like me
off the menuthe wall
wave to earthlight
wave to earthnouvelle vague*
wave to earthbad*
wave to earthhomesick*
minsuminsu is confused
agust dpeople
iu, sugaeight (prof. & feat. suga of bts)
btstrivia: seesaw
btsi need u
jiminlike crazy
rm, nelleverythingoes (with nell)
so!yoon!, phum vilphuritwings
se so neoncat digging club seoul version
the polesdream
the black skirtsplain jane
wave to earthride
jannabisweet memories
soombeeeighteen winter
leeheesanglove shine