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a million open tabs playlist for 07/27/2022

vlad holidayso damn into you
mitskiliquid smooth
geskleso she goes
the volunteerssummer
men i trusthard to let go
arctic monkeyscornerstone (live from royal albert hall)
the strokeschances
laurelscream drive faster
djomortal projections
tame impalaelephant
arctic monkeysmy propeller
small forwardtearjerker
sunset rollercoaster小薇 (greedy) (cover)
kaliback to the start
mitskifrancis forever
boygeniusme & my dog
better oblivion community center, phoebe bridgers, connor oberstdylan thomas
the last shadow puppetstime has come again
dustergold dust
wave to earthlight
men i trustseven
japanese breakfast2042
se so neongo back
se so neonwinter
little dragon ft. kali uchisare you feeling sad?
j-hopeblue side
j-hope= (equal sign)
blondshellkiss city
dreamgirlall u wanna do is dance
sunset rollercoasteri know you know i love you
mizzy starfade into you
wave to earthdaisy