On Air

Natural Alternatives Series- February 18, 2022 - Bob Wright's Poem


Breezing Up on the Election

Winslow Homer’s iconic painting, Breezing Up (1873-1876), 

hangs in the National Gallery of Art. Satan in ancient Hebrew 

texts refers to that which is an adversary to humanity.


While the country roils over who

will control Pennsylvania Avenue,

the House, the Senate, I stand alone                                                                      

in a sea of paintings in a marble corridor

only steps from the domed capital

in the National Gallery of Art.


I climb aboard the open catboat,                           

claw my way up the steeply-heeled deck                                                         

to the windward rail above the turbulence,

sprawl on the stern, free                                                               

in this bare-footed moment of lift,                                                              

no worry, no point on the shore.

I steer this close-hauled course                                                 

guided only by the stiffening breeze,                                                         

sun and spray in my face,

straw hat flapping.


Here, without care, perched in the balance

of a weather helm, in this elemental

race of wind, water and light,

fear and knowledge wash astern, and

I am beyond Satan’s reach.