a million open tabs playlist for 09/08/2021

grover washington, jr., bill withersjust the two of us
laundry dayjane
wabiehey lover
dr. dogwhere'd all the time go?
paul ankaput your head on my shoulder
briston maroneyfreakin' out on the interstate
kidscurrent joys
the platterstwilight time
arctic monkeysbaby i'm yours
trudy and the romanceis there a place i can go
the growlerswhen you were made
creedence clearwater revivalhave you ever seen the rain
her'swhat once was
tv girllover's rock
tears for fearseverybody wants to rule the world
frankie valliyou're the song (that i can't stop singing)
wallows1980s horror film ii
louis tomlinsonchange
the strokesthe adults are talking
the beatlesstrawberry fields forever
djochateau (feel alright)
surf cursedisco
the strokescall it fate, call it karma
austin weberi don't want to miss you (like i do)
vista kicksi can't think of anybody but u
current joysblondie
los retrossomeone to spend time with
pavementharness your hopes
the smithsheaven knows i'm miserable now
fleetwood macemerald eyes