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a million open tabs playlist for 08/25/2021

heartstairway to heaven (live at the kennedy center)
fannyain't that peculiar
haimthat don't impress me much
taylor swiftright where you left me
dolly partondumb blonde
yolashady grove
josephgreen eyes
taylor swift, haimno body, no crime
fleetwood maclandslide (live at warner brothers studio, 1997)
cherdark lady
amy winehouselove is a losing game
angie mcmahonmissing me
phoebe bridgersfuneral
mitskifirst love / late spring
lucy dacusdancing in the dark
olivia rodrigojealousy, jealousy
wolf alicedon't delete the kisses
rina sawayamaxs
alexandra saviorcupid
louise verneuillove corail
olivia rodrigofavorite crime
the japanese housei saw you in a dream
the japanese housemaybe you're the reason
amber markcan you hear me?
E^STlife goes on
phoebe bridgerskyoto
elle musamango pops
chloe moriondomanta rays
florence + the machineall this and heaven too
mitskime and my husband