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a million open tabs playlist for 02/12/2020

cherdark lady
elton johntake me to the pilot
elton johni guess that's why they call it the blues
fleetwood maceverywhere
sonny & chertell him
barbra streisanddon't rain on my parade
abbahead over heels
fleetwood macrhiannon
elton johnelderberry wine
abbawhy did it have to be me?
sonny & cheri got you babe
nancy sinatrathese boots are made for walkin'
fleetwood macsay you love me
blondieheart of glass
madonnamaterial girl
taylor swiftdon't blame me
beyoncelove on top
dua lipafuture nostalgia
ida mariai eat boys like you for breakfast
chergypsies, tramps and thieves
taylor swifti did something bad
dolly parton9 to 5
shania twainman! i feel like a woman!
lordethe louvre
ariana grandenasa
little mixsalute
taylor swift...ready for it?
elton johnbennie and the jets
cheri found someone
haimthat don't impress me much

playlist for all the boss women