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Topside playlist for 02/12/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Powers PleasantStop Lyin To Mefic
SABAChurch/liquor Store
Sabawestside bound
SabaThe Billy Williams Story
Sababucket list
Sabaamerican hypnosis
Erick Arc ElliotWeed FronterAlmost remembered
Erick Arc Elliotalmost rememberedAlmost remembered
Erick Arc Elliotalmost forgottenAlmost remembered
Erick Arc Ellioth.n.cAlmost remembered
Erick Arc Elliotkeep uAlmost remembered
Erick Arc Elliotlove rippleAlmost remembered
big seanjump out the windowi decided
big seanmovesi decided
big seanowe mei decided
big seanvoices in my head/ stick to the plani decided
big seansacrificesI Decide
rejjie snowi will still keep you
rejjie snowloveleen
rejjie snowsnow
lucky eck$freeway freestyle
lucky eck$backhome
lucky eck$newer me
lucky eck$freeway freestyle 4
lucky eck$freeway freestyle 5
lucky eck$freeway 6
lucky eck$freewave 7
lucky eck$freewave 8
lucky eck$rumors
left brainchum remix
left brainIama
SydNothing to SomethingFin
SydAll about meFin
ski mask the slump godnew age chip skylark
ski mask the slump godlike a soccer momslaps for my drop top minivan
ski mask the slump goddid you reallyslaps for my drop top minivan
kodak blacktunnel vision