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Psychedelic Jesus playlist for 02/24/2016

Juan WautersEn Mi
Creeping PinkBoredom
Juan WautersTodo Termino
BazookaMountain S.A.
Fergus & GeronimoWhere the Walls are Made of Grass
Bare WiresCheap Perfume
Dead GazeThis Big World
Jacuzzi BoysCrush
Los ShakersNever Never
White FenceThe Love Between
BazookaAchristi Genia
U.S. GirlsI don't have a mind of my own
The BeetsYour Name is on my Bones
SlushyMoving on Over
El Mato a un policia motorizadochica de oro
Juan WautersI'm All Wrong
High PopLoner
Summer TwinsI Will Love You
La LuzBrainwash
White FenceTrouble is Trouble Never Seen
Sultan BatheryMirror
Zola JesusIxode
Shannon & the ClamsMy Man
Los GatosViente Dile a la lluvia
BikesYellow Car
Mystic BravesCorazon
Dead GhostsCan't Get No
Black BugFrozen Energy
Juan WautersThis is I

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