On Air

Chicken and Waffles (and sometimes Pancakes) playlist for 02/13/2016

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
mumand they made frogs smoke 'til they explodedgo go smear the poison ivy
sigur rosglosoli
blueblackmountain and sea changing
now, nowoh, hi.threads
mononostalgiafor my parents
the youth and youngblueprintsgestures*
band of horsesi go to the barn because i like the...everything all the time
totorrotigers & gorillashome alone
this april sceneryshifty eyesliminality*
ghost of a chancelaw of lifearboretum*
break my fucking soullet this be our light, let me be alrighteviscerate soul
slowing inertiato my beloved*
damesi don't minddames*
fiona appleevery single nightthe idler wheel
wildermesskingi will go to your tombmystical future*
manasotamoai and jellyfish
rishabh seenremember why
covetpelagiccurrents ep
explosions in the skydisintegration anxietythe wilderness stream*
god is an astronautobscura somniahelios/erebus
midori takadacrossingthrough the looking glass
patrick o'hearna lovely place to be
lauxnoslast contemplation of the moontha last pier*
mice eat the moonhope2,99*
lauxnosmorning at seatha last pier*
the moth gathererprobing the descent of manthe earth is the sky
pedestriandirty brainsdirty ways to die*
frondibuschimeras were bornleafage*
into orbitcorridors....cavernscaverns
people as places as peoplebecause that's the only time there isfor the time being*
april rainteach me to fly don't teach me to landleave me no light

post-rock (lowercase hour)

not sorry- may the flying spaghetti monster bless you with his noodley appendage