Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 01/13/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
acid baby jesusbig black bombacid baby jesus*
jeff the brotherhoodheavy krishnaheavy days
broosdrum and horn quintet 2field recordings from india*
group ineraneyallawat ayetmaguitars from agadez, vol. 4*
your dj speaks
butthole surfersulcer breakoutelectriclarryland
swiftumztuff guydon't trip*
supreme dicksgarden of your pastthe unexamined life*
sun arawfit for caesarancient romans*
indexeight miles highthe black album and the red album*
the byrdswhy (alternate-RCA studios version)fifth dimension
mathematiques modernesmanekine (feat. henry flesh)des jeunes gens modernes
hermann kroppman drowning himself in bathtubnekronology
your dj speaks
leyland kirbyto the place between twilight and dawnsadly, the future is no longer what it was
canuphilldelay 1968
faustmiss fortunefaust
shin jung hyun & the questionsin-a-kadda-da-vidain-a-kadda-da-vida
space negrosin-a-gadda-da-vidadig archaelogy 1980-1990
slayerless than zero
fred ho and the green monster big bandcelestial green monster
your dj speaks
saint vitusin the asylumdie healing
odd storiesdancelife in the future: swedish post-punk and synth wave 79-87*
husker dusunshine supermaneverything falls apart and more
donovanseason of the witchsunshine superman
van dyke parksdonovan's colourssong cycle
frank zappadental hygiene dilemma200 motels
your dj speaks
amir elsaffarpost-idiomatic blues/cells aradif suite*
albert ayleromega is the alphalive in greenwich village vol. 2
john zorn's the dreamersqalbamipos: book of angels, vol. 14
your dj speaks