Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 11/18/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
lou reeddirty blvd.perfect night: live in paris
los que vivimoscontrapuntochicas: spanish female singers 1962 - 1974*
cabaret voltairekneel to the bossthe voice of america
your dj speaks
the sediment clubpanic berlin funsediment club EP*
mike rep and the quotassister raystupor hiatus
voidprotect and servesessions 1981 - 83*
bad brainsattitudeblack dots
your dj speaks
blues controlmigrationblues control
eternal tapestrygalactic derelictbeyond the 4th door*
we wait for snow & throuroodthe red is gonevinyl beards
nicolas jarspecters of the futurespace is the only noise*
neil youngsign of lovele noise
your dj speaks
black flaglife of paindamaged
black flagmy warthe complete 1982 demos
black flagnervous breakdownthe first four years
your dj speaks
off!panic attackfirst four eps
karpprison shakeaction chemistry
melvinsthe hawksugar daddy live*
sonic youthdr. benway's housegoo (deluxe edition)
sonic youthmy friend googoo (deluxe edition)
your dj speaks
bobb trimbleyou should see my girlthe crippled dog band*
skip spencedianaoar
roky ericksonmighty is our loveclick your fingers applauding the play
daniel johnstoni save cigarette buttssongs of pain
the outsiderstouchnuggets II
os rocksi put a spell on youcazumbi: african sixties garage*
the uv racespeed freakacid trip 7"*
the jujusyou treated me badgreat pebbles - 31 original '60's punk and psych classics
the magic mushroomsi'm gonewhat a way to die: 15 forgotten losers from the mid 60's
the redcoatsback to his doormeet the redcoats - finally!
your dj speaks
othin spakethe nethack dictionarychild of deception and skill*
popol vuhich mache einen spiegelrevisited and remixed 1970-1999*
prisoners go go bandside blive at the butchery with special guests on fire*
psychedelic horseshitlacedlaced*
robert pollardaspersionlord of the birdcage*
your dj speaks
useless eaterstake advantage of medaily commute*

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