Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 08/27/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
leonard nimoyspock thoughts (request)spaced out: the best of leonard nimoy and william shatner
alice coltranelord help me bemonastic trio
your dj speaks
tom waitsnovemberthe black rider
the crampshurricane fighter planelive
the huncheshurricaneyes. no. shut it.
captain beefheart & his magic bandmy head is my only house unless it rainsthe dust blows forward
your dj speaks
the clashin the pouring rain
ed askewraindrops and whistlesmy heart starts beating
the deepwhen the rain is blackpsychedelic moods
melvinsin the rainsingles 1-12
your dj speaks
the velvet undergroundhey mr. rainanother view (delux)
slayerraining bloodreign in blood
negativlandweather reports, WEATHER HOT LINEthe willasphone stupid show II
mission of burmaweatherboxthe horrible truth about burma
john calefairweather friendvintage violence
your dj speaks
coctailsweather kingpeel
factumssolar wind2nd record
lou reedwaves of fearblue mask
cananimal wavessaw delight
secret chiefs 3book t: waves of bloodhurqalya (second grand constitution and bylaws)
your dj speaks
yoko onodon't count the wavesfly
the surfdusterssave the wavescowabunga! (comp)
ivan julienthe wavesthe naked flame
wet haircrucifix in the wavesthe beach
the no-neck blues bandwalking windclomeim
your dj speaks
dirty projectorsthis weatherslaves' graves and ballads
crassdry weatherpenis envy
ramoneshave you ever seen the rainacid eaters
michael chapmanmarch rainfully qualified survivor
your dj speaks
tom waitsa little rainbone machine