Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 07/09/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
travis wammackyou better move oncountry got soul, volume one
the shangri-lasthe train from kansas citythe red bird story (box set) (reissue)*
your dj speaks
the birthday partyzoo music girldrunk on the pope's blood
the black brotherssaman doyethose shocking days*
astronautshow green was my valleypeter pan hits the suburbs (reissue)*
eugene chadbournezappa medleycamper van chadbourne
your dj speaks
jason forrestthe exquisite organsthe everything*
crystal slitsalien riversin love with oblivian*
the magic carpathians projectderiveacousmatic pzschogeography*
ty segalli can't feellive @ wfmu*
outpatientsbackwards explosionflipside vinyl fanzine vol. 2
your dj speaks
apache dropoutsylviaapache dropout*
deathdavid's dreamspiritual mental physical*
joe lallyministry of the interiorwhy should i get used to it*
k-holeswerewolf with a tank-holes lp*
murder city devilscradle to the graveempty bottles, broken hearts
murder city devilslemuria risingin name and blood
your dj speaks
thee oh seeseverything went blackwarm slime
black flagmy warthe complete 1982 sessions
black flagwastedthe first four years
black flagdamaged IIdamaged
black flagdepressiondamaged demos
dinosaur jrfreak scenebug
your dj speaks
borisles paul custom '86attention please*
borisriot sugarheavy rocks*
godfleshtiny tearsgrind madness at the bbc (the earache peel sessions
napalm deathscumscum
napalm deaththe world keeps turningutopia banished
napalm deathtwist the knife (slowly)fear, emptiness, despair
napalm deathfallacy dominiontime waits for no slave
gridlinkred eyeorphan*
carcasspsychopathologistflesh ripping sonic torment
carcassslash dementiagrind madness at the bbc (the earache peel sessions
carcassreek of putrefactionsymphonies of sickness
carcasscorporal jigsore quandarynecrotism