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Recess playlist for 06/10/2009

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/09/2009

Free Form

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/09/2009

Special guest JOHN HAMPSON of Nine Days fame performing songs from his new record "Shiny New Album", congrats to Brad who won a copy of the CD! check it: www.myspace.com/johnhampson , congrats to Kyle who'll be scoping Summer Camp Cinema in Huntington this Saturday night: www.cinemaartscentre.org , and thanks to all listeners & callers! NEXT WEEK: the roller derby girls from the LONG ISLAND ROLLER REBELS!

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 06/08/2009

Ticket Giveaways for Cinema Arts Centre & Berlin @ Crazy Donkey

Paul N playlist for 06/08/2009

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 06/07/2009

2 hours featuring brand new releases from speed rapper Outsider and female hip hop artist Steady B

BQE playlist for 06/06/2009

First official friday show. Hooah! All unlabeled albums are released as singles.

No Apologies playlist for 06/06/2009

Anthony Braxton, Chris Kelsey's birthdays; the 30th anniversary of The Lounge Lizards; the passing of Sam Butera; a wealth of new releases; and the subtext of Rosanne and my anniversary.

The Melting Pot playlist for 06/06/2009

Bye-bye Koko

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 06/05/2009

Rock tunes in the style of classical.

Clam Radio playlist for 06/04/2009

The show opens with 37 minutes of songs relying heavily on "A" chords. Then, a small Anthony Braxton birthday celebration ensues followed by various songs from some new comers. Meanwhile,a bunch of frustration is continually revealed as CD player 1 refuses to play automatically and my ipod decides to stop playing for no good reason. Laura Tabacco drops by and gives me friendly advice about getting one's blood pressure checked.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/02/2009

Anger over the shooting of Omar Edwards.

Spiney Norman playlist for 06/02/2009

Music with Spiney Norman

Beginnings playlist for 06/01/2009

Celebrating vocalists and the standards