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Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 06/24/2011

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1. HYPE WILLIAMS - untitled death
2. PEOPLE LIKE US - push the clouds away
3. FORD AND LOPATIN - channel pressure
4. SHINE 2009 - modern times
5. FORD AND LOPATIN - emergency room / world of regret
6. FOSTER THE PEOPLE - helena beat / pumped up kicks
7. MIRACLE FORTRESS - everything works
8. PICTORIA - countdown to the beat
9. CARS - blue tip
10. POLYSTYRENE - shades
11. PEOPLE LIKE US - sing
12. THE BLACK RYDER - gone without feeling
13. ROSEBUDS - limitless arms
14. BEADY EYE - wigwam
15. ULYSSES - why why why
16. PEOPLE LIKE US - atlantic conveyor
17. BEADY EYE - beatles and stones
18. PEOPLE LIKE US - you've got to know when
19. MAZES - letter
20. PEOPLE LIKE US - stuck in the ussr
21. MAZES - you and me
22. XRAY EYEBALLS - nightwalkers / x ray eyeballs theme
23. BLACK LIPS - modern art / bicentennial man / new direction
24. ERIC & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS - bad days
25. CRYSTAL STILTS - blood barons
26. LE BUTCHERETTES - new york
27. KILLS - dna / baby says
28. VETIVER - soft glass

Mix Tape playlist for 06/23/2011

blehehehehehehehhhhhhhhh vfaelealghte ghd/lvjaslgj music

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 06/23/2011

1st hour Larry Wildman Fischer Memorial

High Technology Radio playlist for 06/23/2011

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Steve K playlist for 06/23/2011

Tribute to The Big Man Clarence Clemons...

Global Rhythms playlist for 06/23/2011

The Oncelers are at it again.. . One for "The Big Man" - we're gonna miss you Clarence... Brother Jack's "The 7th Sense" debut.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 06/22/2011

6-8 PM Bluegrass music old & new

Organized Confusion playlist for 06/22/2011

I was really all over the place with this one. I played a lot less ska than I normally do, but there's still a decent amount in there. Lots of indie rock this time with the likes of The Black Lips, Ted Leo, The Heartbreaks, and even some Pujol there at the end. I hope you like listening as much as I liked playing.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/22/2011

Celebration of 40 years since Whats Going on was recorded. Adele and John Legend Roll in The Deep. Interview with Blues Guitar, Living Legend,Johnny Winter.
Thanks to Tony G.,Ken,Greg,Jack,Joe C.,Chris and every one else Who called when my hands were full. Production Assistance by Kadiga Ali.

The Outer Library playlist for 06/22/2011

New Indie and Self Release from Brooklyn and Manhattan with Mike Gildersleeve every Wednesday from 10pm to 12am Midnight

Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/21/2011

should be a fun show today - our featured guest, Tony Mizzer has a broad background in Washington politics; owns the first integrated health club/gym in DC; is a Real Estate expert, author and teacher. In addition to some wild tales of "inside the beltway" politics, he and I will discuss politics in Washington and whether there even is a “left” on the political scene. Recently, he completed his first e-book on distressed properties: "Beating the Odds in Buying and Selling Foreclosures" http://www.Buyingforeclosuresbook.com

frequent contributor Steve Wiehe will check in from Florida to give us his take on events.

music today is some live tunes from Welsh singer, guitarist, producer Dave Edmunds.

Jim Dexter playlist for 06/21/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday June 21, 2011
Welcome Summer ( in the Northern Hemisphere....)

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/21/2011


Long Island Liberty, With BAM playlist for 06/21/2011

Fill in L'Hommedieu

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 06/21/2011

loud fast rules!