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Jim Dexter playlist for 04/24/2012

Jim's Show for Tuesday April 24, 2012

Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/24/2012

Sue Montana filling in for Jim Lynch today. We'll be talking about the healthcare system, and oh, boy, are there some Broken aspects of today's healthcare system!

My guest today is:
Sinai Megibow, Esq.
Investigative Counsel
Director of Investigative Services

732.730.5335 ext. 205 (W)
631.237.1345 (F)
917.596.7760 (M)

You can hear this and other healthcare related interviews I've done by going to www.HabaneroInc.com and clicking on Radio Programming.

You can also find my monthly column in GEM Magazine http://www.gemmagazineli.com/April2012/healthandwellnesssusanmontanagemm...

Comments and questions are always welcome. Write to me at Sue@HabaneroInc.com.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 04/24/2012

this week a new top 15 plus a grand master caz birthday showcase on the tyme machine segment and a world premier joint from maxx blaze

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 04/24/2012

panic attack

Purple Starlight playlist for 04/23/2012

Currently alternating with the Spin Zone Monday mornings midnight - 3am.

Seattle Public Library playlist for 04/23/2012

After some tunes, Jes and Richard join me to talk about public higher education and The Desk.

Primordial Sandwich playlist for 04/22/2012

WUSBot 9000 puts together an hour of music. Also compiles data on the human race and immediately discards it. Proceeds to run into walls. WUSBot 9000 feels this is an accurate depiction of the human condition

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 04/22/2012

Earthy day playlist

Sunday Street playlist for 04/22/2012

We debuted several tracks from a forthcoming, much-awaited album (TANGERINE) from Louise Taylor, played some songs for "Earth Day" and sadly noted the passing of Levon Helm and Dick Clark.

Beginnings playlist for 04/21/2012

"with new ears" #62 Foster The People
In studio visit and performance from Mike Guzowski, Lead Singer and Songwriter for Beyond Belligerent.